The funeral

Diego Maradona's funeral took place in the suburbs of Buenos Aires.

After hours of public farewell ceremony at the presidential palace, the coffin was taken to the private cemetery of Jardín Bella Vista, located in San Miguel County.

At the same time, the family of the legendary football player rejected the offer of the authorities to transport the body by helicopter.

Throughout the journey, the funeral procession was accompanied by a large police cortege, which did not admit the crowd of fans who took to the streets of the capital.

The place of burial was not chosen by chance: it is here that Maradona's father and mother are buried.

According to media reports, the private ceremony was attended by about 30 people, including his ex-wife Claudia Villafanha and daughters Dalma and Giannina.

Special guests included Italian Ambassador to Argentina Giuseppe Manzo and Buenos Aires Security Minister Sergio Berni.

Members of the press were prohibited from entering the cemetery.

Nevertheless, some of the Argentine's acquaintances found an opportunity to pay tribute.

So, another star of world football, Pele, sent a funeral wreath to the funeral with the inscription "God gave him talent, the world gave him his love."

It was also reported that shortly before his death, Maradona left some orders for the funeral.

In particular, he asked to embalm his body, as he was afraid of death.

It is unknown whether this requirement has been met.


On the eve of Maradona's close friend and lawyer Mathias Morla said that the medical staff who monitored the ex-football player's condition after the brain surgery he underwent two weeks ago did not come to his room for 12 hours.

In addition, it took a lot of time for the ambulance to arrive.

In this regard, according to the Argentine media, the prosecutor's office launched an investigation into the facts of leaving the patient unattended and death as a result of the negligence of medical personnel.

Although according to official data, death occurred at about noon, law enforcement agencies have to establish at what point the cardiac arrest occurred, which led to pulmonary edema, since at the time of the discovery of the body, the ex-football player was already dead.

At the same time, one of the medical workers said that he came to Maradona at 6:30 in the morning and he was still breathing.

Another nurse said that an hour later she heard him get out of bed and take medication.

At the same time, it is reported that the last person to see the Argentinean alive was his nephew Joni Esposito, who had visited him the night before.

According to a relative, the footballer had already admitted that he was not feeling well.

The investigation will analyze CCTV recordings, as well as biomaterial samples for drugs, alcohol or other substances that could provoke death.

In addition, Maradona's longtime former personal physician, Alfredo Cae, has expressed doubts about his treatment.

He suggested that before the operation to remove the hematoma, he did not undergo a full examination of the cardiovascular system.

And after surgery, he needed to undergo rehabilitation in a specially equipped place, and not return home.

“Diego was not well taken care of.

He had to stay in the hospital, and not return to the house that was not prepared for rehabilitation.

I am in a state of utter shock.

For 33 years we have gone through so many ups and downs together, and he died so suddenly.

I have a lot of doubts, ”- quotes the words of Koe Fox Sports.


Two days after the tragedy, former and current athletes, coaches and fans continue to pay tribute to the legendary Argentinean.

On the eve of all matches of the Europa League began with a minute of silence.

Likewise, the Barcelona players honored him before Friday's training session.

And the players of "Napoli" went to the match with the Croatian "Rijeka" in T-shirts with the name of Maradona.

At the same time, the striker of the Italian team Dries Mertens admitted that it was "difficult for him to put it on."

One of the most touching events took place at the stadium of one of the last teams in Maradona's career, the Newells Old Boys.

Thousands of candles were installed in the stands, making up the number 10.

Miles de velas iluminaron la tribuna popular que hace años lleva el nombre de Diego A. Maradona.

Siempre vivirás en nuestra memoria y en nuestros corazones ❤️🖤 # DiegoEterno ♾

- Newell's Old Boys (@CANOBoficial) November 27, 2020

Ex-England midfielder Wayne Rooney, Napoli coach Gennaro Gattuso, world number one Novak Djokovic and many others expressed their condolences to family and friends. 

Tottenham head coach Jose Mourinho shared a touching memory of the Argentine.

He said that he would do everything possible to make Maradona the same example for his son as the famous striker Alfredo Di Siefano, whom his father told him about, was for him.

“I wish I had spent more time with him, I would really like that.

His family, close friends and colleagues were fortunate enough to spend a lot of time with Diego and know him well.

I knew him well.

During my major defeats, he always called me.

Although he never did it after victories, I will miss Diego.

Of course, now I am very sad, but I smile, because every minute I spent with him was filled with laughter, ”Mourinho said at a press conference after the match with Ludogorets.

Like the Portuguese coach, many people remember Maradona's sense of humor.

So, ex-England striker Gary Lineker said that the last meeting with the Argentinean took place at the 2018 World Cup draw ceremony in Moscow.

“At the end of the ceremony, he came up to me and said, 'Gary, Gary, it was amazing, you did a great job.'

I thanked him.

And he added: "You know, you were a good footballer, but today as a presenter ... If you were the same footballer as a presenter, you could catch up with me!"

It is worth noting that during his lifetime Maradona himself spoke warmly about Russia more than once.

In a 2017 interview with RT, talking about politics, he expressed confidence that the United States is no longer the sole leader in the world.

“Putin is a phenomenon.

It's just a phenomenon.

I think, after Chavez and Fidel, Putin, together with Ortega and Evo, represent the "big league".

Putin is a man who can bring peace to many in this world, ”Maradona said.

  • Diego Maradona in an interview with RT (2017)