Do you remember what it looked like when we closed the accounts for last season?

In the final three miles on an empty Holmenkollen, Therese Johaug looked to be heading for a superior victory at home.

But three Swedes - Frida Karlsson, Ebba Andersson and Charlotte Kalla - on a furious hunt could catch up for over a minute on the Norwegian who had bad skis under her feet.

It all ended with Karlsson sprinting down Johaug and with Swedish in both third and fourth place.

Classic style

It's almost nine months ago, but still the last time they met in a distance race.

After Friday's initial sprint where both Frida Karlsson and Therese Johaug advanced from the qualifiers, Ebba Andersson was 36th, there are no major time differences between the riders in the table.

- First and foremost, I look forward to standing on the starting line in a World Cup and measuring myself against the others.

It is fun and a challenge to compete against the best.

I have a hard time seeing that Therese does not carry the favorite, but it will be fun to take on that challenge and make a good race, Andersson says to TT.

On Saturday, 10 kilometers of classic riding with individual start awaits before Sunday's hunt starts, which ends the minitour.

Thumbs up

Now Andersson is charging for a duel against Johaug again.

- I am super tagged on competing and feel fit in my body.

I think it's fun that it ends with a hunt start.

It means that you must not have a bad day throughout the weekend.

Frida Karlsson has been pulled with an inflammation in the hip flexor during the week, but gave the thumbs up after the sprint where she impressed.

- Nice that the body worked.

I got the answers I wanted, she says in SVT.