"In recent weeks, the situation inside the club's management has noticeably deteriorated"

The question of dismissing the general director of Spartak Shamil Gazizov was not raised at the club's working meeting on Friday.

This was stated by the head of the communications department of red and white Anton Fetisov, commenting on rumors about the possible departure of the functionary.

Fetisov also refused to discuss information about Gazizov's penalty.

"We do not comment on the details of employees' contracts," the head of the communications department of Spartak, Sport-Express, quotes.

Earlier, "Championship" said that in the event of early dismissal, the club will have to pay Gazizov € 3 million.  

Information that the general director of the red and white may leave his post appeared in the domestic media on Thursday afternoon.

Allegedly, the functionary was unhappy with Dmitry Popov's return to the club as sports director. 

According to sources, Gazizov refused to hire the three-time champion of the country and put the senior management in front of a choice: Popov or him. 

“In recent weeks, the situation inside the club's management has noticeably deteriorated.

Gazizov openly stated that he was not going to continue working with the feeling that he was not trusted, so on Friday he will put the management of Spartak in the person of the owner Leonid Fedun and the board of directors with a direct question about his future, "the source quoted the Championship.

The publication also reported that Fedun's companion Zarema Salikhova could enter the club's management within 24 hours, but this never happened, like Gazizov's dismissal. 

At the same time, on Friday morning, information appeared that the general director of Spartak, although dissatisfied with Popov's appointment, is not going to leave until the end of the winter transfer window.  

Meanwhile, in “Ufa”, with which Gazizov went from the PFL to participation in European competitions, they expressed a desire to return the functionary, but stressed that he was unlikely to leave Spartak.

“We have not heard anything about Gazizov’s resignation.

And I think it would be very strange for such a solid organization as Spartak.

They invited such a person, entrusted him with important reforms not in order to say goodbye in a few months.

I think this is hardly possible.

"Spartak" is a serious organization and the owners of the club are also serious people.

And the rumors that are now being circulated could only happen to frivolous people, "Novy Vek, the chairman of the board of directors of Ufa, Rostislav Murzagulov, quotes.

"My main goals are titles in Russia and constant participation in European competitions"

Gazizov took over as general director of Spartak on July 10.

Prior to that, he worked for eight years in a similar position at Ufa. 

“An invitation to Spartak is a huge challenge and a powerful motivation to show results.

My main goals are titles in Russia, constant participation in European competitions and a successful business strategy, ”the functionary said at his own presentation at the club.

As one of his main tasks, Gazizov called the creation of "an effective management model with delegation of powers" at Spartak.

He also announced the need to appoint two sports directors, one of whom would be responsible for the development of young footballers.

However, he promised not to consider agents for this position.

Gazizov himself was responsible for the transfers, with three football players replenishing the Moscow team: Alexander Kokorin, Victor Moses and Auston Urunov.

The ex-Zenit striker came to the club as a free agent and has now played nine matches for the team in all tournaments, in which he scored one goal and gave two assists.

Moses 'Spartak' rented from Chelsea until the end of June 2021, paying € 300 thousand for it. The 29-year-old Nigerian quickly became one of the leaders of the red and white.

He has five meetings in the RPL (one goal + one assists).

But the transfer of Urunov from Ufa for € 1 million has not yet justified itself.

Auston scored his debut goal for Spartak in the Russian Cup match against Rodina, but was much less noticeable in the RPL.

For six games of the national championship, the young Uzbek midfielder spent only 140 minutes on the field.

The fans remembered the newcomer much more from the photographs in social networks wearing branded clothes, which caused a lot of discussion.

“Listen, he is a young guy: he bought things, showed them - look how cool!

I don’t see a big problem, although I realized that it will not look very good for the fans, ”Gazizov explained in an interview with“ Championship ”.

At the same time, the new CEO decided to keep Domenico Tedesco as the head coach of the team.

“I had the opportunity to come and say, 'I don't need him.'

But I said: “No, I will work with this specialist,” Gazizov later admitted. 

Also, the functionary was remembered for the words about his intention to “throw the glove to Zenit”.

In addition, he was suspected of wanting to create a Spartak farm club in Khimki.

The reason to talk about this was given, in particular, by the head coach Sergei Juran, who was fired from the Moscow Region team in the summer.

According to the specialist, Gazizov personally did not agree on his candidacy.

The functionary himself stressed that the red and white in this situation were needed "for the hype."

“We were just used to promote Khimki.

They have a good budget now, hence the interest.

Why isn't anyone considering such a story? "

Gazizov asked.  

"Gazizov, as he came unnoticed, he can leave unnoticed"

Despite the fact that the new general director did not work at Spartak for six months, some believe that his dismissal from the club would be a mistake.

In particular, this point of view was expressed by the former president of the red and white Andrei Chervichenko.

“In my opinion, in recent years there was no more adequate leader in the club.

He is reasonable, speaks normally, although some things make you smile.

But 90 percent - everything is on the case.

I don't see any big errors in transfers.

It is absolutely not clear where Popov came from against this background, and how he is so different in a positive way that he can almost take the post of general director, "said Chervichenko RT.

The ex-president of the club does not consider the last transfer campaign of Spartak to be a failure.

“I agree that Spartak's transfers under Gazizov do not inspire optimism.

On the other hand, this is nothing compared to buying Gus Thiel.

If Gazizov is presented for Kokorin, Urunov and Moses, then the one who bought the Dutchman for Spartak needs to be drawn and quartered.

Kokorin is a liquid footballer, you can sell him, and you are unlikely to lose money on him.

Urunov is talented, but Spartak is not his team.

I do not exclude that Auston can play in such teams as Rubin or Rostov.

In this case, we can get a new Khvich Kvaratskheliya.

Moses does not spoil the weather either, although it is clear that a truly top football player will go to Russia only at the end of his career, "added Chervichenko. 

In turn, the long-term administrator of Spartak, Alexander Khadzhi, on the contrary, stressed that Gazizov's departure would not be a tragedy for the club.

According to the expert, the invitation of a functionary initially looked controversial.  

“Gazizov has come unnoticed, so he can leave unnoticed.

In general, at first I did not understand for what merits he was in the club.

And so far it is difficult to say what he gave to Spartak.

After all, he was not the one who invited Tedesco.

If Gazizov leaves, there will be no tragedy.

Now, if Fedun leaves the club, it will happen.

Leonid Arnoldovich sees that there is no benefit from Gazizov - only conversations, but he knows how to talk himself, ”Khadzhi explained.

The ex-administrator of the team criticized the work of the club in the transfer market under Gazizov.

According to him, Kokorin and Urunov have not yet met expectations, although Moses played outright.

At the same time, Khadzhi agreed that the position of general director at Spartak is “specific”.

“It is very difficult when Fedun himself is at the top.

These are not foreign clubs, where the owners do not meddle in the affairs of the team and let them work for several years.

In Spartak, both Sergei Shavlo and Sergei Rodionov have already worked in this position.

It would seem that they are real Spartacists.

By and large, it doesn't matter who holds this post, because Fedun rules everything.

The man himself gets into everything, pays for everything and calls the tune, ”summed up Hadji.