Ahead of this weekend's World Cup premiere in Kontiolahti, the virus is raging among the teams.

Russia has several cases and also the great nation France, Romania, Moldova and Latvia have been isolated, confirms the International Biathlon Federation IBU.

Italy traveled with 11 biathletes to Finland and all tested negative at home.

But the anxiety is still there.

- It is a strange situation and we are a little scared too.

You never know where the virus is.

You do not know if you can touch something or not.

There are a lot of people on the plane and that's not the best.

The only thing we can do is wear the face mask and be careful, says Dorothea Wierer.

"It is not a normal life"

The 30-year-old has, like many other compatriots, lived under lockdown in his home country.

A life that was special to say the least.

- It's not a normal life.

Everything is closed and you can only move outside if you are wearing a face mask.

But you can only go out if you absolutely have to.

It's not as serious as last spring, but it's clearly not fun.

Then it was not so fun either.

Then you just sat at home all the time.

We did not have our training camp until the end of June, so it was quite late, says Dorothea Wierer.

Have you ever considered not traveling or competing?

- All athletes want to compete in every competition.

This is not the best situation right now.

But we need to do it and it is part of our profession.

So if everyone is careful, I think there should be no problems.