With one of the largest collections of unique terms that are used in the realm of iGaming, sports betting is the trendiest and most active among the players who are in sync with its lingo. However, if you are not in the loop, then you’d feel weird hearing such terms and phrases. Here are some most commonly used terms associated with sports betting.

ATS – Against the spread

Against the spread indicates a team’s record against the betting spread. To even out the action on both sides of a bet and also earn a commission, the sportsbook use point spreads to discern the preferred lot from the underdogs. There are some betting sites that keep a track of teams’ records and list out their ATS logs as in the case of Miami Heat which is the best in the lot. Such records are gambling specific and are instrumental in highlighting a team’s performance against the betting lines.

Runner – Beard

The term ‘Beard’, is used to label anyone who covers an illegal transaction/activity in the realm of sports betting. Beards usually place bets for skilled wagers or anyone who’s forbidden from a sportsbook. Runners/Beards are employed when the skilled bettors don’t wish the oddsmakers to move a line based on their wagers, or when the bettor is a professional, an athlete coach or an official who needs to hide his identity. Some other reasons include being banned for violating terms and conditions in an online sportsbook or betting more than the sportsbook’s betting limits.


Futures are wagers placed on an event that’s taking place in the near or distant future, like betting on NBA finals, a Super Bowl winner, or the World Series. Futures are also tendered in some primary horse races, soccer, tennis, and golf tournaments. Sometimes, sportsbooks also tender futures at various intervals during a season, for instance, they can run a wager ½ way through the season on an NBA finalist. Just as profitable as betting on single matches, futures tend to be highest before the season begins, especially for the big leagues.


Also known as juice, Vigorish is arranged by bookmakers and connected to a spread along with the total wagered options. It actually refers to the commission that a sportsbook makes when offering a line, by creating even action on both sides of the line.


Also known as an accumulator, a Parlay’s essentially a single bet that is wagered on two or more teams. Like at the JackpotCity online casino, you can play multiple hands at the same time. This is comparatively harder than winning a single point spread but more lucrative owing to the profitability aspect. For instance, 3 team parlays for a $100 bet usually pays $600 and every game must be won for this bet to come through.


Over/Under’s a number posted on how many goals, runs or points will be scored in a match and betters need to discern if the combined scores of both teams playing will remain under or go over the number, in other words, determine the Game Total Odds.

Sharps & Squares

A sharp is a professional sports punter who uses large resources to ascertain his wagers and as such uses his expertise and experience to place the bets. While a square is a recreational player and the opposite of a sharp. Sharps can influence a line on their own with a single bet. In contrast, squares come across as ignorant bettors who don’t make much usually.