Good evening and welcome to this live blog.

Here we, Joris Kaper and Robbert van der Linde, will keep you informed of the matches in the Europa League, with special attention to the Dutch clubs.

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  • AZ-Real Sociedad


  • PSV-PAOK Salonika


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  • CSKA Moscow-Feyenoord 0-0

AZ-Real Sociedad · a few seconds ago

30 'A flashy attack by AZ almost gives the home team the lead.

Captain Koopmeiners is allowed to pull the trigger and sees his shot go through a Spanish leg and the fingertips of keeper Remiro.

AZ-Real Sociedad 2 minutes ago

Real Sociedad is also an excellent football-playing team in Alkmaar, although AZ continues to keep pace for the time being.

The Alkmaarders have to fight hard for it, but only had to allow Adnan Januzaj a great chance.

PSV-PAOK Saloniki 3 minutes ago

The invisible Cody Gakpo pushes the connection goal under PAOK goalkeeper Zivko Zivkovic into the goal and thus prevents PSV from remaining in a hopeless position after an unfortunate start.

3 minutes ago

PSV-PAOK Salonika · 5 minutes ago

25 'The rising Dumfries seems to have doubts between a cross and a shot and therefore produces something in between.

The ball from the right back goes in front and is too sharp to be tapped in by a teammate.

AZ-Real Sociedad6 minutes ago

24 'Sociedad immediately answers with the greatest chance of the match so far.

Januzaj is overlooked by the AZ defense with a low cross, but the Belgian shoots hopelessly in a promising position.

It should at least have been on target.

AZ-Real Sociedad8 minutes ago

22 'AZ finally comes through at Sociedad.

Svensson can strike from the edge of the penalty area, but the right back who came up with him produces a turn-off.

We are still waiting for the first attempt on goal in Alkmaar, a stark contract with the game in Eindhoven.

PSV-PAOK Saloniki 11 minutes ago



It is certainly not watertight in the back of the Greeks, and now there is no offside at all.

Cody Gakpo is set free in front of Zivko Zivkovic with a quick combination and shoots the ball hard through the legs of the goalkeeper into the net.

In the opening phase in Eindhoven, about as much happens as in all other matches combined.

PSV-PAOK Saloniki 14 minutes ago

How bad luck can a team have in 15 minutes?

With the wrongfully disallowed goal by Malen, the first fifteen minutes of this match could not have gone worse for PSV, also because both PAOK hits come about very coincidentally.

14 minutes ago

PSV-PAOK Saloniki 18 minutes ago

13 'GOAL Paok Saloniki!


It is impossible to film how badly PSV has in this opening phase.

Just like with the opening goal, a totally unsuccessful shot still falls well for a PAOK player and hits the mark.

This time Christos Tzolis makes the goal himself, after a flopped bet by Stefan Schwab.

PSV-PAOK Saloniki 21 minutes ago

10 '

Goal PSV rejected!

These are those times when the lack of the VAR comes off very badly.

Malen taps in the header at the second post, but the goal is rejected due to offside.

The repetition clearly shows that this is an outright shame, because the PSV attacker is not in the slightest offside.

Unfortunately, this enormous mistake cannot be corrected and the people of Eindhoven are robbed of a pure equalizer.

PSV-PAOK Saloniki 21 minutes ago

9 'PSV tries to immediately fight back into the game.

A through ball from Madueke is just too hard for Malen, who does drag a corner out.

AZ-Real Sociedad 22 minutes ago

9 'AZ has trouble getting into the game in the opening phase.

The Spaniards put very high pressure and the Alkmaarders are unable to play under it.

Real Sociedad is of course also the leader in Spain at the moment.

PSV-PAOK Salonika · 27 minutes ago

4 'GOAL PAOK Salonika!


A dramatic and especially unfortunate start for PSV.

The Eindhoven defense cannot get the ball away, after which the toy falls at the feet of Christos Tzolis via the back of Pablo Rosario.

His shot is actually very poor, but still bounces into the goal via Fernando Varela's knee.

27 minutes ago

Europa League 32 minutes ago


The ball rolls in the AFAS Stadium and the Philips Stadium, AZ-Real Sociedad and PSV-PAOK Saloniki have started.

Europa League 34 minutes ago

Just like elsewhere on the European fields, a minute of silence will be held in Alkmaar and Eindhoven before the start of the match in honor of the deceased Diego Maradona.

PSV-PAOK 37 minutes ago

PSV has finished warming up.

The Eindhoven team must win to have a chance of wintering in the Europa League.

We're out for the warm up 😤 It's almost game time.



Avatar Author PSVMoment of places20: 48 - November 26, 2020

Europa League 38 minutes ago

We hardly have time to recover from Feyenoord's great performance, because in a few minutes there will be a kick-off at AZ-Real Sociedad and PSV-PAOK Saloniki.

Can the residents of Alkmaar and Eindhoven maintain the unbeaten status of Dutch clubs in Europe this week?

Braga-Leicester City 40 minutes ago

90 + 5 'GOAL Leicester City!


After Fransergio seems to shoot in the winning goal for Braga in the last minute, it is Jamie Vardy who scores the equalizer for Leicester five minutes into injury time!

The attacker gets the ball at the far post in front of his feet, after which he simply works the ball in.

Immediately afterwards, the whistle is blown for the end of the match.

CSKA Moscow-Feyenoord 42 minutes ago

Dozens of Feyenoord hold their own and take a point against CSKA

Feyenoord has cleverly managed to get one

point from

the tough away match against CSKA Moscow (0-0).

In an ice-cold Moscow, the Russians are the parent team for the entire match, although the Rotterdammers get the best chances in the first half.

Shortly after the break, Feyenoord is forced to merely hold back after a red card for Nicolai Jørgensen.

Despite great pressure from CSKA, Dick Advocaat's team holds its own and returns to Rotteram with one point.

42 minutes ago

Wolfsberger-Dinamo Zagreb 44 minutes ago

90 + 1 'GOAL Dinamo Zagreb!


Luka Ivanusec scores the 0-3 for Zagreb in injury time!

From the edge of the penalty area, the midfielder shoots the 0-3 on the scoreboard with a viewed shot.

Immediately afterwards, there is also a whistle for the end of the match.

CSKA Moscow-Feyenoord one hour ago


Despite a red card for Nicolai Jørgensen, Feyenoord keeps CSKA Moscow cleverly at 0-0 and takes a hard-fought point in an icy Russia!

CSKA Moscow-Feyenoord one hour ago

90 + 1 'It is really women and children first at Feyenoord in the back, but CSKA still cannot get through.

The extra time in Moscow is four minutes.

Liberec-Hoffenheim one hour ago

88 'GOAL Hoffenheim!


Andrej Kramaric scores from a penalty on behalf of Hoffenheim and thus puts a 0-2 score on the scoreboard.

CSKA Moscow-Feyenoord one hour ago

90 'There is really no longer any question of attacks at Feyenoord, but CSKA is no longer able to develop real pressure either.

The team from Rotterdam rushes every ball forward, after which the Russians can start all over again, but often do it sloppily.

an hour ago

AZ-Real Sociedad one hour ago

AZ is warming up.


📈 Match ready #azsoc #UEL


Avatar Author AZMoment of places20: 35 - 26 November 2020

CSKA Moscow-Feyenoord one hour ago

85 'Feyenoord almost gets the chance to steal the three points.

A long ball from the excellent playing Nieuwkoop is missed by the Russian defense and shoots through.

It is that Linssen is not counting on it, otherwise he will have free passage to Akinfeev.

Molde-Arsenal one hour ago

83 'GOAL Arsenal!


Arsenal finally ends the game thanks to Folarin Balogun's 0-3.

The attacker has only been in the field for a minute and scores with a low shot through the middle, after being handily turned away from his opponent.

CSKA Moscow-Feyenoord one hour ago

81 'While CSKA coach Goncharenko mainly changes offensively, his Feyenoord colleague Lawyer strengthens his defense yet again.

The tired Steven Berghuis, who was in the front of a hopeless battle, makes way for Eric Botteghin.

Lawyer is clearly committed to winning the 0-0 draw.

Sparta Prague-Celtic one hour ago

80 'GOAL Sparta Prague!


Via a perfectly executed counter, the ball reaches Lukas Julis, who shoots the ball unstoppable over the ground.

It is his second goal this evening.

CSKA Moscow-Feyenoord one hour ago

79 'Chalov gets the ball at his feet with luck, does not think and immediately lashes out.

The shot is hard, but also straight for Marsman.

Another ten minutes (plus some injury time) the keeper has to keep his goal clean and then Feyenoord goes back to Rotterdam with one point.

Wolfsberger-Dinamo Zagreb one hour ago

75 'GOAL Dinamo Zagreb!


Bruno Petkovic scores the 0-2 for Dinamo!

It is Arijan Ademi who hands the ball, after which Petkovic can simply tap in.

CSKA Moscow-Feyenoord one hour ago

It sometimes involves art and flying work, but the ten of Feyenoord still hold their own and seems to be on their way to a hard-fought and welcome point, although it will undoubtedly be a hot final phase in the VEB Arena despite the cold.

CSKA Moscow-Feyenoord one hour ago

72 'Jens Toornstra is indeed unable to continue after his cramping attack and is relieved by the young Jordy Wehrmann.

Although Feyenoord is under heavy pressure, time is ticking further away in favor of the Rotterdammers.

CSKA Moscow-Feyenoord one hour ago

Nicolai Jørgensen can hardly believe his eyes, but really gets the red card.

Wolfsberger-Dinamo Zagreb one hour ago

61 'GOAL Dinamo Zagreb!


It is Lovro Majer who scores after he is in the right place and shoots a falling ball through the goalkeeper.

CSKA Moscow-Feyenoord one hour ago

69 'Toornstra, who has not started the match underarm freshly, goes to the ground with an apparent cramping attack.

The medical staff are doing their best to patch up the midfielder, but it seems to be the end of the story.

CSKA Moscow-Feyenoord one hour ago

67 'Ejuke dribbles past two Feyenoord defenders and fires just wide.

The pressure from CSKA is increasing, the Rotterdam defense is squeaking and creaking now.

PSV-PAOK one hour ago

Ihattaren not in PSV selection due to fatigue

Mohamed Ihattaren is not in PSV's match selection for the match against PAOK.

The midfielder says he feels exhausted, which he made known to trainer Roger Schmidt after the match against FC Twente.

Ihattaren will therefore not be in the selection this weekend.

"We want to get him fit again with individual training work", says Schmidt.

CSKA Moscow-Feyenoord one hour ago

65 '

Goal CSKA rejected!

Substitute Shkurin is immediately accurate by poking the ball in two instances behind Marsman.

However, the moment he wants to run away cheering, the flag (and whistle) is for offside.

However, it is clear that the spaces are starting to get bigger, how long can Feyenoord keep this up?

CSKA Moscow-Feyenoord one hour ago

61 'Due to the pressure from CSKA, central defender Magnusson now also has the opportunity to assert himself offensively.

However, his header is caught by Marsman.

CSKA Moscow-Feyenoord one hour ago

Nicolai Jørgensen receives his first yellow card from referee Kristo Tohver.

The Dane could not imagine in the first half how expensive that print would turn out to be.

Molde-Arsenal one hour ago

55 'GOAL Arsenal!


Five minutes after the 0-1, Reiss Nelson takes care of the 0-2.

Joseph Willock leads from the right, after which Nelson shoots the ball hard.

PSV-PAOK one hour ago

PSV has now arrived at the stadium.

Just under an hour until the kick-off.


🔥 in those eyes.



Avatar Author PSVMoment of places20: 05 - 26 November 2020

CSKA Moscow-Feyenoord one hour ago

55 'The surplus situation is the signal for CSKA to increase the pressure.

The match now takes place entirely in the half of Feyenoord, while the Russians play the ball around in the search for a hole in the Rotterdam defense.

Naturally, he has not lost anything in terms of attachment, especially now that a point seems to be the highest attainable.

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