[Explanation] On November 24, on the city wall of the ancient county of Taiyuan, more than 200 riders from all over the country punched in this historic city in the form of a mini marathon.

  These drivers are all participants in the 2020 Tour of China Self-Driving Tournament. They start from Wuyi Mountain in Fujian and pass through 8 provinces (regions) and some node cities of the "Wanli Tea Ceremony", following in the footsteps of caravans hundreds of years ago.

In the important node city of Taiyuan, Shanxi, they came to the ancient county town of Taiyuan, which was about to be restored, to experience this historical city in depth.

  [Concurrent] Liu Pengfei, Chairman of Taiyuan Longcheng Development Investment Group

  It was built during the Hongwu period of the Ming Dynasty in 1375, so it has a history of more than 600 years, and there are 79 cultural relics in the entire ancient county town, so the ancient city itself is also very valuable in cultural relics and history.

  [Explanation] The local government launched the Taiyuan Ancient County Renaissance Project in 2012 and it has been basically completed.

The restored ancient county city wall is divided into east, south, west and north, and is fully closed.

The total length of the city wall is 3700 meters, the height is 11 meters, the lower width is 13 meters, the upper inner width is 7.95 meters, and the total construction area is 77,000 square meters. It is magnificent.

  [In the same period] Taiyuan Ancient County Operation Department Head Qiying

  There is a cross street in the middle of our city. The cross street is like the bulging belly of a phoenix. There is a urn city like the eyes of a phoenix, and the whole is like a phoenix with a head north and a tail south, so it has the reputation of Phoenix City.

  [Explanation] The riders participating in the mini marathon are also deeply attracted by the cultural heritage here while experiencing this historic city.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Xiaobin, Secretary General of the Organizing Committee of the Tour of China Self-driving Tour Assembly

  Looking at Shanxi from the so-called terrestrial relics, we also deliberately held a mini-marathon on the city wall in the ancient county of Taiyuan. We really felt the profound cultural heritage of this Sanjin land.

  [Explanation] In recent years, as a famous historical and cultural city in China, Taiyuan has continued to systematically repair and continue the urban context.

The restored ancient county town of Taiyuan will be connected with surrounding scenic spots such as Jinci, Tianlong Mountain and Meng Mountain to form a historical and cultural tourist area.

  [Concurrent] Liu Yuwei, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of Taiyuan Cultural Relics Bureau

  Taiyuan is a famous historical and cultural city with a history of 2500 years. The county seat of Ming Dynasty Taiyuan built after the fire of the Song Dynasty was flooded. What it witnesses is the cultural heritage of Shanxi and our Jinyang and Taiyuan. Its inheritance and context, we must protect On the basis of activation and utilization, the people enjoy the rich heritage of Shanxi Sanjin Taiyuan culture.

  Reporter Qu Lixia reports from Taiyuan, Shanxi

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】