Image source: FIVB website

  China News Service, November 24th. On the evening of the 23rd Beijing time, the FIVB website announced that Zhu Ting, the leader of the Chinese women's volleyball team, was elected the star of the week. The announcement praised Zhu Ting as "one of the most famous athletes in history" and called Zhu Ting. Next will strive to lead the Chinese women's volleyball team to defend the Olympic gold medal.

  The announcement read: Zhu Ting is one of the most famous athletes in history. She was also elected as a representative of the National People's Congress, which also presented a new challenge for her-she not only has to work hard for the championship, but also needs to forge ahead to a higher height. .

  Zhu Ting was born in a peasant family and grew up in an unremarkable village in Henan Province in central China. He became a star step by step and won the World Championships and Olympic Games champions.

  In the three seasons representing Turkey's Wakif Bank in the European Volleyball League, she won the Champions League twice and won the Women's Volleyball Club World Cup twice. European fans completely accepted her.

At the same time, she also represented the Chinese women's volleyball team and defended the 2019 Women's Volleyball World Cup champion.

  Last year, she returned to the domestic league and signed a contract with the Tianjin Women's Volleyball Team. Now she is leading the Tianjin team to lead the 2020 Super League.

On November 3, Tianjin women's volleyball player Zhu Ting attended the expedition ceremony.

On the same day, the 2020-2021 Chinese Women's Volleyball Super League Tianjin Bohai Bank Women's Volleyball Team's new season launch ceremony and press conference were held in Tianjin.

In the new season, Tianjin Bohai Bank women's volleyball team successfully renewed their contract with Olympic champion and Chinese women's volleyball leader Zhu Ting.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tong Yu

  "I spent a great season in Tianjin last year. I am very familiar with the team atmosphere, so when I received the invitation from the team, I did not hesitate to stay." After renewing the contract with Tianjin, Zhu Ting said in an interview with China Daily.

  But her more energy will be put on the Tokyo Olympic Games rescheduled to 2021.

She said: "Of course, our main goal is the Olympics...I will try to improve myself through the league to ensure a better performance in Tokyo next year."

  The main attacker is about to celebrate her 26th birthday on Sunday. She faces an arduous task, not only to attack the MVP like the 2016 Rio Olympics, but also to lead the Chinese women's volleyball team to defend the title.