Zlatan Ibrahimovic became a great match hero with two goals for his Milan when they beat Napoli 3-1 yesterday.

He was then replaced injured, and will now be gone for 2-3 weeks.

But the fact that the Swede, at the age of 39, still holds the highest world class and tops the shooting league in Serie A with ten goals in six matches, impresses many in Italy.

- I have to apologize to him.

I did not think he would still be in such good shape.

Who would have thought that we were 39 years old, that such a large person with a serious injury behind him would be so difficult to stop, agile and fast.

You should study him at some university.

Ibrahimovic's genetics could be a topic, says football commentator Raffaele Auriemma to SVT.

And Ibrahimovic's genetics was something that was discussed in Aktuellt on Monday night.

Associate Professor Ola Hansson, who researches exercise physiology at Lund University, was on the link to try to explain how 39-year-old Zlatan can hold such a high class, both physically and mentally.