Zlatan Ibrahimovic continues to show fantastic form in Italian Serie A. Yesterday he scored two new goals, when his Milan consolidated the league lead through the 3-1 victory in the top match against Napoli.

But he was forced to cancel the match prematurely, with what appeared to be a thigh injury.

"The reactions are overwhelming"

SVT's Italy correspondent Jennifer Wegerup says that it is still unclear how serious the injury is, but that there is now a concern for the Swede.

- It is clear that the whole of Italy, and a little Italy, is holding their breath to see how it is with Zlatan, she says, but at the same time explains that they hope it is not so serious:

- They believe and hope that it is not so serious.

Alongside the injury headlines, most of the Italian media today is about Zlatan's continued success.

- The reactions are overwhelming.

After the match yesterday, Zlatan completely dominated the broadcasts, and today is the man in the headlines in the newspapers.

He is highly praised, and it is written time and time again that he is without end - that his career can be for any length of time.

He gets eights in the newspapers, and it is very unusual to get nines or tens, so it is basically top marks.

How big is Zlatan in Italy now?

- It is a very interesting question.

I have followed him since 2004, when he came to Juventus, and have probably actually, unbelievably, bigger than ever now at the age of 39.

He is so talked about and praised and rewritten.

He has become a leader as well.

It's not just what he does on the pitch, but has matured, takes responsibility and it arouses enormous respect.

- He has scored ten goals so far and is crucial in the most important matches, such as yesterday against Napoli and against Inter in the derby.

I do not think anyone expected this.