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When not even the most staunch of his supporters expected it, Athletic pulled out of his hat his most convincing win in recent years.

It will be necessary to check in the coming weeks what such a bacchanal against Betis responded to.

If it is the usual good meeting (very good, in this case) that is sandwiched between two bad guys, lengthening the vicious circle that has been consuming the whole of Bilbao for months, or if it is finally the turning point that was no longer guessed with

Gaizka Garitano

on the bench of San Mamés.

It was a definitive day for the coach, with his head hanging by a thread, and he solved it with an outstanding match of his own, infinitely superior to Betis than his casualties (






...) added a naivety that in the elite rarely goes unpunished.

[Narration and statistics: 4-0]

Garitano reformulated almost all his head principles, going from a war of attrition to a


and relegating his two favorite centurions,



Raúl García

, to bet (finally, many will say) on




, two of the leaders of the new generation of homegrown players.

And the result was a resounding success because it allowed Athletic to play something else, giving the ball more speed and giving priority to zero over the heights.

A change of record that allowed Villalibre to open spaces, for

Williams to

find them and for

Berenguer to

invent them in a span of land.

Wickers on which to build a new present that buries an immediate past too gray.

The goal of

Victor Ruiz

own goal in the ninth minute, after a cross from Villalibre, greatly facilitated the work of Garitano.

Athletic had started the match really well, with great intensity and determination in their attacking moves, even more courageous than usual, and that was the prize they found.

But the big change came then, since Athletic, far from conforming and focusing on defending its advantage, continued playing as if nothing had happened.

The 2-0 with which he reached the break, after a goal from



half an hour, was a faithful reflection of what happened in the first half.

After the break,




sentenced without the slightest shock one of the best nights that San Mamés has experienced in recent years.

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