China News Service, November 22. The Chinese Women’s Volleyball Super League has now entered the second stage. On the 21st, there were 6 more competitions. Among them, the Tianjin-Shanghai battle is undoubtedly the most interesting battle. In the end, Zhu Ting led Tianjin Bohai Bank blocked Shanghai Guangming Youbei in three straight games, breaking the opponent's undefeated golden status this season.

Data map: Zhu Ting serves in the women's volleyball league match.

Photo by Tian Bochuan, China News Network reporter

  Tianjin Women’s Volleyball is the defending champions of the league. They have won the league championship 12 times. Last season, Zhu Ting’s joining was the icing on the cake. The Shanghai Women’s Volleyball team was the runner-up of the previous league and created in the Women’s Volleyball League. A brilliant record of five consecutive championships.

After the first stage, the Shanghai women's volleyball team in Group B became the only team to maintain a complete victory.

  The strong and strong dialogue is exciting and intense, and the Tianjin-Shanghai battle tonight is highly anticipated.

Before the match, Tianjin Women's Volleyball Team conducted targeted training to improve the quality of defense and series.

Head coach Wang Baoquan said: "We have done detailed research on the two foreign players Larson and Lipman of the Shanghai team and imitated them in the team's training."

  As for the Shanghai women’s volleyball team, head coach Wang Zhiteng said frankly: “From the beginning of this season to the present, I think that all teams in each game are based on the fact that they win and lose and are strong and weak. The key to each game is to see everyone’s performance. There is also control over pressure on the court."

  During the game, the Shanghai team obviously did not do well in controlling the game. From the beginning stage, they were absolutely passive, making frequent mistakes in the first and second passes.

The score opened quickly. The Shanghai women's volleyball team, which was unbeaten in the league before, still failed to find a good way to adjust. On the contrary, Zhu Ting and Li Yingying played more and more smoothly. The two scored 34 points in the whole game, and the game gradually lost. suspense.

The fierce offensive Tianjin Women's Volleyball Team defeated Shanghai with a big score of 3:0 at 25:14/25:18/25:11.

  In the rest of the competition that day, Beijing Automotive, Liaoning Huajun, Xitang Ancient Town in Jiashan, Zhejiang, and Shandong Rizhao Iron and Steel swept their opponents 3:0, while Guangzhou Evergrande defeated Yunnan University Dianchi College 3:1.

  After the two rounds of the second stage, Guangzhou Evergrande took the lead temporarily with 7 wins and 1 loss, Tianjin ranked second with 1 point difference in one game less, Jiangsu and Liaoning tied for third place with 18 points, while Shanghai fell to fifth place. .