Ski Jumping Men's World Cup Group First Match Japan 5th November 22nd 5:49

In the first round of the ski jumping men's World Cup in Poland, a group was held on the 21st, and Japan, in which ace Ryoyu Kobayashi and others participated, was fifth.

The first match of the group for the Jump Men's World Cup this season was held in Poland on the 21st, and a group was held in which four players per team flew twice and competed for the total points.

In Japan, in addition to Kobayashi, four players, Yukiya Sato, Kobayashi's older brother Junshiro Kobayashi, and Daiki Ito, who have won many domestic tournaments, participated.

The competition was held on a large hill with a hill size of 134 meters. After the first round, Japan was in 5th place, and in the second round, Sato flew the top Japanese team, 127 meters 50, but could not improve his points.

Japan was fifth with a total of 996.3 points.

The victory was Austria with a total of 1078 points.