China News Service, November 22. The 8th round of Serie A ushered in a highlight in the early morning of the 22nd Beijing time, Juventus vs. Cagliari.

In the end, with Cristiano Ronaldo's double-ringed score in just four minutes, Juventus scored 3 points at home with a 2:0 pawn.

And Ronaldo also ushered in another milestone this night, his total career goals reached 748 goals, surpassing Puskas to rise to the fourth in history.

The moment Ronaldo opened the record.

  After the opening, the situation was slightly dull.

In the 38th minute, Juventus scored the goal for the first time.

Morata scored the ball, Ronaldo left two defenders on the left side of the penalty area and shot with a right foot. The ball went straight to the bottom right corner of the goal.

  Only four minutes later, Ronaldo scored twice.

Quadrado took a corner kick from the right side, Demiral flew the header, and Ronaldo quickly followed up and hit the goal, helping Juventus quickly establish a two-goal advantage.

Ronaldo scored the second goal.

  After a side fight, Juventus' offensive weakened slightly. Cagliari seized the opportunity to score a goal in the 67th minute, but then the goal was invalidated because of offside.

In the end, the score of 2:0 continued until the final whistle was blown, and Juventus repelled Cagliari at home, temporarily rising to second place in the league standings.

Image source: Juventus club official micro

  It is worth mentioning that Cristiano Ronaldo has scored twice in Serie A for the third time this season. This number is the same as AC Milan striker Ibrahimovic and is on the league scorer list. , The two also led side by side with 8 goals.

  After scoring two goals again, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 748 goals in his career, surpassing Puskas’s 746 goals, ranking 4th in the history of football scorers, and distanced from Pele (757). Ball) There is only 19 goals left, and it seems only a matter of time to surpass.

  After the game, when it comes to Ronaldo’s performance in this campaign, the coach Pirlo did not hesitate to say something about him: “He worked very hard in training or in the game. Only a true champion will win the honor he has achieved. He is everyone’s. Role model, and he practiced it in every game." (End)