Toto Wolff has once again voiced his concerns about the busy Formula 1 year that awaits the teams in 2021.

The Mercedes team boss fears that the record 23 races will cause fatigue.

"The expanded calendar is beneficial for the teams in order to generate more income. In that respect, we are all behind a growing sport," 48-year-old Wolff told on



"But on the other hand, three races in three weeks are going to take its toll. We will be away from home for more than three weeks at times, which is obviously not great."

According to Wolff, certainly not the only Formula 1 prominent with criticism of the busy schedule, Mercedes is thinking hard about the approach.

"You have to remember that the people who work the hardest are the ones who set up the garages and tear them down and the mechanics who work overtime when things go wrong," said the Austrian.

"You have to ask yourself how long everyone can keep up and whether you choose an alternative approach in which a second shift can take over the heaviest tasks. We are looking at that at the moment."

There are still three Grands Prix to go in the current Formula 1 season: two in Bahrain and one in Abu Dhabi.

The first race of 2021 is on March 21 in Australia.

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