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  • FC Groningen-Vitesse 1-1

PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht 2 minutes ago

84 '

PEC red card withdrawn!

Referee Makkelie is asked by his VAR to view the images of the duel between Lam and Dalmau again.

After examining the images, the arbitrator rules that red was punished too severely, although he still gives Lam yellow.

PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht 4 minutes ago

82 '

Red card PEC!

Thomas Lam stands on Adrián Dalmau's Achilles tendon and gets a direct red card from Danny Makkelie.

It undoubtedly hurts the Spaniard, but the Finn really doesn't seem to be doing this on purpose.

The VAR will also take a look at it.

4 minutes ago

PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht 12 minutes ago

74 '

Post PEC Zwolle!

FC Utrecht again escapes a new backlog, this time thanks to the aluminum.

Fortunately, Reijnders gets the ball in front of his feet and does not change his mind.

The ball shatters on the post next to Paes.

PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht 16 minutes ago

69 'Goal PEC Zwolle rejected!

The home team seems to take the lead again from nowhere when Drost slides into a tight cross from Pherai.

However, the repetition, which is extensively studied by the VAR, shows that the substitute is offside with a toe length.

PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht 19 minutes ago

Mimoun Mahi is the center of the revelry at FC Utrecht after his equalizer.

PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht 26 minutes ago

59 'GOAL FC Utrecht!


FC Utrecht plays a lot better than before half time and that results in the 1-1.

Mimoun Mahi is sent deep with a nice ball by Gyrano Kerk and the striker shoots hard diagonally.

The VAR checks whether it is offside, but decides not and so the equalizer is firmly on the scoreboard.

PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht 32 minutes ago

Bart Ramselaar makes it very clear that he does not agree with the decision of the arbitration to reject his goal in the first half due to offside.

32 minutes ago

PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht 40 minutes ago

46 'The second half in Zwolle has started.

Can FC Utrecht do something about the backlog, or will PEC keep the points in Overijssel?

FC Groningen-Vitesse 41 minutes ago

Due to the draw against FC Groningen, Vitesse is the leader at least until tomorrow afternoon.

The Arnhem team has a point ahead of Ajax, but sees the team from Amsterdam still allowed to take action against Heracles Almelo in-house.

With 22 points from nine matches, Vitesse still equals the best start to the season ever.

PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht one hour ago

In addition to the backlog at halftime against PEC, there is even more bad news for FC Utrecht.

Captain Willem Janssen, who is just making his return to the base after a long injury, has to leave the field halfway through the first half with an apparent hamstring injury.

FC Groningen-Vitesse one hour ago

Vitesse suffers second loss of points against Groningen

Vitesse has lost


for the second time this Eredivisie season.

The Arnhemmers do not come further than 1-1 when visiting FC Groningen.

The team of Thomas Letsch even falls behind via a nice long shot by Patrick Joosten, but a smart free kick by Oussama Tannane enables Loïs Openda to equalize.

In the second half, both teams no longer score, which is an achievement in itself in the case of Armando Broja.

The nineteen-year-old Albanian has the winning goal on his shoe, but shoots open goal.

PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht one hour ago


It is that there is no audience, otherwise we would have written that PEC Zwolle and FC Utrecht are presenting the spectators an abominable match.

However, that will be a concern for the home team, because they are looking for the dressing room with a 1-0 lead before half-time.

A shot from Mustafa Saymak just lands through the back of Django Warmerdam and makes the difference for the time being.

an hour ago

FC Groningen-Vitesse one hour ago

88 'Groningen is still trying very carefully to go for the win.

First Matusiwa shoots a meter wide with a drop kick, a moment later El Hankouri aims right into the hands of Pasveer.

PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht one hour ago

39 '

Goal FC Utrecht rejected!

Ramselaar thinks he can punish a mistake by Zetterer, who completely misses the ball, and put the equalizer on the board.

After intervention of the VAR, however, the hit is rejected, because the Utrecht attacker started from an offside position.

Ramselaar himself is furious, although that will mainly be frustration about the poor playing of him and his team.

PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht one hour ago

32 'GOAL PEC Zwolle!


Via an unadulterated situation, which completely fits in the image of the match, PEC takes the lead.

Mustafa Saymak lashes out from a distance and sees his bet fly over Maarten Paes with a bow via two Utrecht defenders and end up in the goal.

It will probably be Django Warmerdam's own goal, as the left back is the last to change direction with his back.

PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht one hour ago

PEC Zwolle and FC Utrecht don't bake much of it in the first half hour.

Both teams are very sloppy, but try to assert themselves in the duels.

That makes for a messy game, in which no big chances can be noted.

FC Groningen-Vitesse one hour ago

Broja is very disappointed with his missed opportunity.

an hour ago

FC Groningen-Vitesse one hour ago

The hopeless miss of Armando Broja in the picture.

Because the Albanian does not have his sights on, Vitesse is still chasing the lead.

FC Groningen does little else in the second half than stop.

FC Groningen-Vitesse one hour ago

63 'Wow, what a miss from Broja, who should have put Vitesse ahead here.

The attacker does everything right after being sent off on the edge of offside, passes Padt with a nice cut, but then shoots hopelessly in front of an empty goal.

Did the Albanian feel a little too easy about that after doing the tricky part?

PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht 2 hours ago

12 '

Lat PEC!

A cross from the right by Saymak whirls through Janssen's thigh onto the crossbar above Utrecht keeper Paes.

There, visitors escape a quick, unfortunate backlog.

FC Groningen-Vitesse 2 hours ago

59 'Tannane tries again with a surprising free kick, this time shot directly at goal.

However, Padt cannot be fooled again and catches the ball easily.

PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht 2 hours ago

At PEC Zwolle, Kenneth Paal is back in the base for the first time since September 26.

The left back was out for some time due to a corona infection, but is now completely back.

For FC Utrecht captain Willem Janssen, his last starting place was a lot longer ago.

That was on January 17, 2020, surprisingly enough in the previous edition of PEC-FC Utrecht.

Since then he was no longer at the kick-off of an Eredivisie match due to injuries and the corona crisis.

2 hours ago

FC Groningen-Vitesse 2 hours ago

Vitesse has won its last five Eredivisie matches, but it is extremely difficult against FC Groningen.

The people of Arnhem should be grateful for a trick by Tannane and the sharp Openda that they are not behind.

Eredivisie 2 hours ago


In Zwolle, PEC and FC Utrecht have started their mutual Eredivisie confrontation.

At the same time, the second half was kicked off in Groningen at FC Groningen against Vitesse.

FC Groningen-Vitesse 2 hours ago


FC Groningen seems to get the interruption with a lead, but gets the lid on the nose just before half time.

The Noorderlingen take the lead via a beautiful goal from Patrick Joosten, who beats Remko Pasveer with a hard bow ball in the far corner.

On the stroke of half time, however, Oussama Tannane fooled the entire Groningen defense with a suddenly taken free kick, after which Loïs Openda tipped in the equalizer.

FC Groningen-Vitesse 2 hours ago

45 'GOAL Vitesse!


FC Groningen is completely surprised by a free kick from Vitesse and gets the equalizer.

Oussama Tannane seems to dawdle for a long time with a free kick, but suddenly passes the ball quickly.

Loïs Openda is the most alert and taps the ball in at the far post.

Willem II-VVV-Venlo 2 hours ago

Willem II registers second victory against VVV

Thanks to a hard-


2-1 victory over VVV-Venlo, Willem II has taken the second victory of the Eredivisie season.

The people from Tilburg got off to a good start in-house and quickly scored via Vangelis Pavlidis and Görkem Saglam.

Even before the break, Giorgos Giakoumakis does something back with his eighth goal of the season, but in the second half Willem II holds his ground and hops over VVV to eleventh place in the ranking.

FC Groningen-Vitesse 2 hours ago

31 'Fortunately, Tannane gets the ball in front of his feet and immediately lashes out.

However, the shot of the tastemaker of Vitesse almost flies out of the stadium.

Vitesse's acclaimed attack machine is not running at full speed yet.

FC Groningen-Vitesse 2 hours ago

29 'GOAL FC Groningen!


FC Groningen is stronger in the first half hour and takes a deserved lead against fellow leader Vitesse.

Daniël van Kaam cleverly lets a ball run, giving Patrick Joosten the space to storm towards the goal.

The attacker cuts in and places the ball beautifully past Remko Pasveer in the far corner.

Willem II-VVV-Venlo 2 hours ago

83 'Substitute Gladon is close to the final decision there.

From close by, he bumps into Kirschbaum, who keeps his team in the game.

Willem II-VVV-Venlo 2 hours ago

81 'Tilburg has now reached the final phase.

Willem II still defends a minimal margin against VVV-Venlo.

Coach Adrie Koster will not sit comfortably on his seat, given the 2-1 score.

FC Groningen-Vitesse 2 hours ago

21 'Groningen can come out dangerously a number of times via a quick counter, although the defense of Vitesse is always back in the right place just in time.

Gudmundsson tries after a rush from a distance, but his bet is about two meters wide.

Such a spectacle was to be expected from two teams that can lean on excellent defense.

FC Groningen-Vitesse 3 hours ago

15 'Beach Larsen appears behind the Vitesse defense and circumvents Pasveer, but hits the post.

Immediately afterwards, the whistle goes off, indicating that the Groningen striker is offside.

Willem II-VVV-Venlo 3 hours ago

72 'Giakoumakis is close to his second goal and the equalizer on behalf of VVV.

However, the Greek's header is suffocated enough, so that Brondeel can throw himself gratefully.

FC Groningen-Vitesse 3 hours ago

11 '

Lat Vitesse!

A wrong initiation pass in the back at Groningen gives Vitesse the first chance of the match, and it is immediately a big one.

Bero is served by Broja and hits the bottom of the crossbar with a hard shot.

The ball bounces back into the field just before the line.

FC Groningen-Vitesse 3 hours ago

10 'Vitesse leaves the initiative to FC Groningen in the opening phase.

The home team is patiently looking for openings in the Arnhem defense.

However, judging by the only five goals against it, that is perfectly fine this season.

PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht 3 hours ago

At 9 p.m., there will be a kick-off in Zwolle for the last Eredivisie game tonight, the game between PEC and FC Utrecht.

These 22 players have participated from the start.

PEC Zwolle setup

: Typesetter;

Van Wermeskerken, Kersten, Huiberts, Paal;

Reijnders, Lam, Nakayama, Pherai;

Tedic, Saymak Line-

up FC Utrecht

: Paes;

Troupée, St. Jago, Janssen, Warmerdam;

Maher, Gustafson, Van Overeen;

Church, Mahi, Ramselaar.

FC Groningen-Vitesse 3 hours ago


The ball is also rolling in Groningen.

Does Vitesse happily continue in the Eredivisie after the international match, or can FC Groningen stop the series of the team from Arnhem?

FC Groningen-Vitesse 3 hours ago

Back with a vengeance: Danny Buijs.

The FC Groningen trainer had been struck down by the corona virus in recent weeks, but has now recovered sufficiently to take a seat on the couch.

Willem II-VVV-Venlo 3 hours ago

55 'Both teams mainly make it a physical fight in the second half.

The sharp tackles and fouls are flying around the ears of the players.

It certainly does not benefit the pace and level of the match.

FC Groningen-Vitesse 3 hours ago

Vitesse coach Thomas Letsch tests his feeling for the ball before kick-off.

Willem II-VVV-Venlo 3 hours ago

46 'In Tilburg, the teams started the second half.

Will VVV fight further back in this match or will Willem II book the second victory of the season?

FC Groningen-Vitesse 3 hours ago

The architect behind Vitesse's successful start to the season is trainer Thomas Letsch.

Who is this 52-year-old German, who with his attacking style and approach shows many similarities with Peter Bosz? makes

a profile

of him.

FC Groningen-Vitesse 3 hours ago

Oussama Tannane juggles happily before the start of FC Groningen-Vitesse.

Can the tastemaker of the Arnhem fellow leader again provide a piece of art in the Eredivisie?

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