In total, the Russians won seven medals - three gold, three silver and one bronze.

Robert Mshvidobadze (weight category up to 60 kg), Mikhail Igolnikov (up to 90 kg) and Tamerlan Bashaev (over 100 kg) became European champions.

Silver medals were won by Yago Abuladze (up to 60 kg), Arman Adamyan (up to 100 kg) and Inal Tasoev (over 100 kg), while Madina Taymazova (up to 70 kg) won the bronze medal.

The French team won the medal standings - five gold and three bronze medals.

The three was closed by the Georgian team - one gold, one silver and four bronzes.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian judoka Mshvidobadze became the European champion.