MVV Maastricht will not be prosecuted for a possibly discriminatory expression of a supporter during the home game against SC Cambuur (1-7 loss) in the Kitchen Champion Division.

The prosecutor for professional football of the KNVB decided Friday after extensive investigation that the Limburg club will go free.

"The prosecutor has established that a supporter of MVV may have been discriminating against a player of SC Cambuur, but that MVV could not have prevented this. In addition, MVV fully cooperated in the disciplinary investigation", the KNVB reports on the website.

At the beginning of September, a group of MVV supporters seemed to be shouting in the direction of Cambuur attacker Issa Kallon during the match in De Geusselt.

At the start of the second half, the stadium speaker called for the game to be stopped due to racist behavior by the fans.

MVV and the KNVB then launched an investigation into the events.

The Maastricht club then claimed in a statement that one supporter had shouted something at Kallon.

"Through camera images it has been established that the supporter is indeed shouting something to Kallon. Whether it is racist remarks - which the footballer speaks of - cannot be seen by these cameras, which hang in the ridge of the stadium", wrote. MVV then.

According to the KNVB, non-disciplinary prosecution of MVV is separate from taking further measures against individual supporters.

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