Table tennis final Tomokazu Harimoto and Kasumi Ishikawa both lost their first match November 19, 16:53

The final, in which the top players in the world ranking of table tennis compete, opened in China on the 19th, and Tomokazu Harimoto and Kasumi Ishikawa, who have been nominated as representatives of the Tokyo Olympics, both lost in the first round.

The international table tennis tournament, the final, is a tournament in which 16 players, both male and female, who are ranked high in the world ranking, compete only in singles, and started in China on the 19th.

The first round was held on the 19th, and the men's fourth-placed player, Harimoto, played against South Korea's Jang Woo-jin in the world's 18th place, which won the third-place playoff of the World Cup four days ago. ..

Harimoto accumulated points with a high-speed backhand, which he is good at hitting back at a fast timing, and took three games first.

In the fifth game, which had only one game left until the victory, he had a match point of 10 to 8, but he could not cope with the opponent's strong forehand from here, and he was robbed of points for 4 consecutive times and allowed a reversal, 10 to 10 I dropped it at 12.

The sixth game was also dropped, and the game was entangled in the final seventh game following the World Cup.

Harimoto was also pushed by the opponent's powerful shots and could not catch the flow, so he dropped 5 to 11 and lost the game with a game count of 3 to 4.

In addition, Ishikawa, who is 9th in the world as a girl, lost to South Korea's Seo Hyowon 1 to 4 in the 23rd place in the world, who won the World Cup straight last week, and was eliminated in the first match.

Harimoto "I couldn't take the plunge"

Tomokazu Harimoto, who lost the first match due to a loss in the reverse direction, said, "I got a match point and it was a better start than the previous match, but at the end, the opponent was 10 to 8 in the 5th game where I could not take the plunge. I had no choice but to attack with the forehand, but it was not good that I was able to hit the forehand well and gained momentum in the last two games. I was confident that I was strengthening the backhand, but it is important I haven't been able to take the plunge in the scene yet. I think I wasn't strong enough because I was in the lead and lost the game, "he said in a calm manner.