Finland started the Nations League by losing at home to Wales.

Then the team took four straight wins and had the opportunity to advance a division.

But once in Cardiff, the Finnish national team had a hard time.

After twelve minutes, Jere Uronen received a red card in a free-kick expulsion.

Barely half an hour into the match, Harry Wilson scored 1-0.

Daniel James increased to 2-0 at the beginning of the second half and then it looked dark for Finland.

Pukki reduced for Finland

Teemu Pukki gave the Blues a chance to change things around.

But Finland did not come any closer than that.

Kieffer Moore made it 3-1.

CLIP: Here, Kulusevski becomes a scapegoat

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Hanging skull on Kulusevski.

Photo: TT Nyhetsbyrån / Rörligt C More