“Adam's head is in a mess.

First he attacked me, and then attacked Sergei.

It's unclear, I can't tell you exactly what caused the conflict.

The conversation went absolutely non-conflicting, just talked to him and that's it.

When he found out that I was a friend of Sergei Kharitonov, for some reason he began to find out.

Then he hit me in the nose, broke it.

Then, when they took me away, Sergei came.

According to eyewitnesses, he attacked Sergei from behind and hit him in the eye with knuckle dusters.

Now we are all in the hospital, ”Abdo was quoted as saying on the website of the REN TV channel.

The scuffle between Kharitonov and Yandiev took place on November 13 at an event at the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow.

As a result of this skirmish, Kharitonov ended up in the hospital. 

Earlier it was reported that the Russian fighter Kharitonov would need an operation.