Participation in international competitions Relaxed restrictions Allowed to participate even during the 14-day waiting period November 12, 17:41

A meeting will be held by the government, Tokyo, and the Organizing Committee for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, and athletes who will participate in international competitions held in Japan will be on standby for 14 days after entering Japan after requesting thorough inspections. Participation in the Games will be accepted during the period.

At this conference, considering the impact on the competition of athletes, when Japanese athletes and related parties returned from overseas expeditions, they were allowed to practice even during the 14-day waiting period.

On the 12th, restrictions will be relaxed under certain conditions for domestic and foreign athletes who will participate in international competitions held in Japan related to the Tokyo competition, such as test competitions and strengthening games in which informal athletes will participate. We have decided to allow participation in the tournament even within 14 days.

The conditions are to undergo a test before leaving Japan and obtain a "negative" proof and submit it at the time of immigration, report the health condition with the app even after entering Japan, and set the range of activities to accommodation, competition venue and practice. It is stipulated that the movement is limited to the round trip of the place and the movement by a private car is a principle.

Tsuyoshi Fukui, Managing Director of the JOC = Japanese Olympic Committee, responded to the interview after the meeting, saying, "Athletes will be able to confirm their position in the world, find their own challenges, and formulate strategies. Tokyo Games It will be a great boost for strengthening towards the end. Thank you for considering various positive measures. ”Welcome the decision.

On top of that, he said, "I also feel the responsibility of the accepting party to take solid measures. I would like to cooperate with the competition organizations."