There is a phrase that

Vicente del Bosque

often uses

, in public and in private: "There is nothing more unfair than treating everyone the same."

The man who led Spain to the only World Cup in its history explains, with those words, that in a dressing room the veteran is not the same as the newcomer, the captain than one who goes about his own business, the star who discards him.


Luis Rubiales

, still shaken by the Krasnodar earthquake, announced that

Luis Enrique

would be

the next coach, there were those who believed they saw a real dam to power that

Sergio Ramos


in the national team.

The general interpretation was that the captain was going to have to lower the volume with the new technician.

More than two years later -with the interruption caused by the loss of the Asturian-, the general impression is that Ramos is still Ramos.

He had power, that was obvious.

Has it?

Well, it is not known, but the truth is that there are already two times in which Luis Enrique contributes to one of the obsessions that remain for the central defender from here to the end of his career.

Sergio has between eyebrows and eyebrows being the player who plays the most games with a national team.

He has, with yesterday's, 176, and he is already the European who has done it the most times (in Amsterdam he equaled

Gigi Buffon


There are just three ahead: the Mexican

Claudio Suárez

and the Saudi

Mohammed Al-Deayea

(both with 178) and, above all, the 184 of the Egyptian

Ahmed Hassan


If everything runs smoothly, he will be registered at the next European Championship, and if he fulfills his promise, expressed in private, to add 200 games, he will have to reach the World Cup in Qatar.

It happens that these last two times, in Portugal last month and this Wednesday, Ramos appears on the field in an unlikely way, in the last five minutes, in a maneuver that is uncomfortable seen from outside.

The Asturian coach explained it as naturally as he could or knew.

“It's about taking care of the player who has been international with Spain the most times, also because he plays every game for his club.

We do not do it to have a good vibes in the national team, because the good vibes are the same.

It is a matter of taking care of him and, of course, of continuing to add games.

In other words, it is a conscious decision, an aid from the collective to achieve an individual goal.


"Unfortunately for me, he has a ceiling, but we are talking about gifted numbers, someone else. Not a cold!", Said the coach.


The truth is that the good relationship between the two is no longer surprising.

Despite the fact that in the summer of 2018 a train crash with the Asturian landing was supposed, the truth is that, in his first press conference, Luis Enrique was that clear: «Sergio Ramos is a chosen player, a great leader both on and off the field.

You can't have a better attitude.

I'm delighted with him, ”he explained after just three days training with him, just before his debut, against England at Wembley in September 2018.

Then, every time he had the opportunity, he has left a rosary of compliments on the road.

In March 2019, after beating Norway in Valencia, the crossover of entertainment was tremendous.

Luis Enrique said: "Sergio Ramos is a unique player in the history of world football, not in Spain. A player with that personality you know is going to shoot well [penalties]."

That same night, Ramos: "You have to keep your feet on the ground and keep working on the wonderful philosophy that the new coach has."

Days later, Luis Enrique: "He is a different footballer, and if you add to that that he is a leader in the locker room, in the gym, in training showing the effort ...", he told in Malta, hours before having to abruptly abandon concentration.

In short, an established and firm relationship between the captain and the coach of the Spanish team.

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