The board of the KNGU gymnastics association has decided, on the advice of the Institute for Sports Justice (ISR), to relax so-called disciplinary measures against two coaches.

Ed Zijp is allowed to give training again and Vincent Wevers can again have contact with (former) members of the KNGU.

Zijp and Wevers are two of the coaches that the prosecutor of the ISR is investigating in connection with mental and physical abuse of gymnasts.

Zijp was indefinitely inactive at the end of September because of that investigation.

Several reports had been received about him because of possible transgressive behavior.

The investigation has not yet been completed, but the ISR did come this week with the advice to change the order measure against Zijp.

The trainer of Flik-Flak from Den Bosch can now accompany his pupil Tisha Volleman again during the central training sessions of the national women's selection, which are currently being held in Nijmegen.

Zijp would also be allowed to train at his club again, but he has, partly at the request of the KNGU, opted not to be active for Flik-Flak during the investigation.

Tisha Volleman can train again under her own coach Ed Zijp.

(Photo: ANP)

Weavers could talk to Cheap

Wevers was already allowed to give training in Nijmegen in recent months, although nowadays there is independent supervision.

The coach and father of top gymnasts Sanne and Lieke Wevers may now also have contact with members and former members of the KNGU.

That had been banned in recent months, so that the investigation of the ISR could not be influenced.

Wevers would therefore be able to talk to former gymnast Joy Goedkoop, who


in July at the


that her former coach had used physical violence against her and said last week that she would like to talk to Wevers.

"Such a conversation would indeed be allowed again, but we do not think it should just happen", said general director Marieke van der Plas of the KNGU on Thursday.

"We want to ensure that such a conversation is professionally supervised, for Joy or whoever needs it."