While the biathlon world cup stays two weekends in a row in each place until the turn of the year to get "bubbles", Fis has a normal calendar with competitions in different countries with many trips weekend after weekend and not taken at all for the pandemic.

The only time during the season that you stay in the same country between two competitions is during the Tour de Ski shortly after New Year when Italian Toblach and Val di Fiemme are organizers.

- Fis should have been more offensive but instead engaged in wishful thinking and been naive.

When every World Cup competition is owned by every national federation, it is the pandemic and the local restrictions in each country that govern, says Blomquist who thinks that the season got off to a sad start before it even started.

Sees complications with another competition weekend in Ruka

- It's sad but the sport is in the hands of the development of the pandemic, says Blomquist who believes that Fis is primarily considering letting Finnish Ruka, has the VC premiere 27-29 November, arrange another competition on Lillehammer date 4-6 December, but he sees complications.

- I have heard from my Norwegian contacts that they want to arrange Lillehammer's competition 5-7 February and if you get through that reserve date, Ruka can not arrange another World Cup.

That's Fis's to find out, Blomquist thinks.

ARCHIVE: Linn Svahn: "I could have imagined a different approach" (November 2, 2020)

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Linn Svahn about the journey: "I could have imagined a different approach"