Didier Deschamps disappointed after the defeat of the Blues against Finland on November 11, 2020. -


  • The France team lost against Finland at the Stade de France on Wednesday night (0-2).

  • Without ideas but above all failing in desire and commitment, the Blues have completely missed out.

  • Coach Didier Deschamps is not making a big deal out of it, but he will not let this attitude go.

At the Stade de France,

Let’s get rid of the thing at the start as it’s done: yes, this friendly match was anything but a gift to play at the start of the season where we don’t do much to spare the players.

But the context cannot alone explain the purge offered by the France team on Wednesday night against Finland.

Moreover, Didier Deschamps took good care to avoid this pitfall in his debrief.

The fault lies first with those he had decided to line up.

“The context we know, we know that it is not conducive but it does not date from today, swept the coach at a press conference.

There isn't always a good performance when you play every three or four days.

It happens to club players too, tonight it happened to us.

We didn't win because we didn't put in what was needed.

I prefer to stay on that, it's factual.

I don't want to go into other things that might be excuses.


Go hop, move around.

DD preferred to dwell on what he missed the Blues.

Spoiler, a lot of things.

Pretty much everything that matters to him, actually.

We were below what I expected, he blurted out.

In generosity, aggressiveness, duels, face to face they put what was needed and we not enough.

I told the players it was a booster shot.

But it is the high level, fortunately when we are below it happens to us.

We took a good slap.


The coach had however done everything so that this does not happen, with a starting XI who had things to show.

We will save Digne and Thuram, who have animated their left corridor with envy.

The opportunities to open the scoring in the first 25 minutes of play came from them.

But that's all.

The Zouma, Dubois, Ben Yedder or Sissoko missed the opportunity, and when you know DD you know that it is never trivial.

Special mention for the last named, who by dint of being able to play everywhere will soon no longer play anywhere.

Pogba and Giroud, aligned to save playing time, did not do better.

We will discuss this in another article.

Of course, who says a reworked team says lack of automation, and we could not expect miracles either.

But we were still entitled to come out of the stadium with something other than the first defeat in the history of the Blues against Finland, whose last goal scored against us had been scored by the late Bruno Martini, when we still thought that we were going to qualify for the 1994 World Cup. Friendly match or not, that doesn't sound very serious.

"It is not without importance because it remains a defeat for the France team and it is never good, agrees Mandanda, who had nothing to do except to get twice the ball in his nets .

There are a lot of lessons to be learned, especially in the state of mind.

We came across a team that wanted more than us, that was running more than us, that put more commitment and they scored on our loss of ball.

" But why ?

What went wrong with the Blues?

“We weren't well in it and they were well behind,” replied Griezmann, more in a hurry to return to the locker room than to try to understand.

“It was not a lack of desire, completes the Marseille goalkeeper.

We had this will but it was not transcribed on the ground.

They did more than us, we must remember that.


“I don't like it when I lose.

And especially like that "

Before “switching to Portugal” for a much more appetizing meeting, we can count on Deschamps to remind them.

Without raising his voice, the coach made it clear to us that this kind of performance was not happening.

“I'm not annoyed, no no.

But I don't like it when I lose.

And especially like that, he cracked, freezing, before leaving the press room.

It's a good lesson, and it doesn't hurt every now and then.

It reminds a little of the basics… ”When you have this DD in front of you, it is better not to muffle too much.

And again, we weren't in the locker room.


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