"It is already clear that the Russian footballers are" full "

- In November, the Russian national team traditionally does not perform very well.

Given the extremely busy schedule, will the team face even more serious problems this year?

In addition, Stanislav Cherchesov's charges will again have three matches in a week.

- It's hard to predict how the national team will look like.

But it is already clear that Russian footballers, especially those who play in the Champions League, are “full”.

No matter how much we say that you need to play on all fronts, it is unusual for ours to go out on the field twice a week.

In the national team, the coaching staff first of all studies the physical condition of the wards, provides some rest, and some additional loads.

Usually the first days there are just spent on medical examination and testing.

Cherchesov will rely on those who are in more or less optimal condition.

- How appropriate is a friendly match with Moldova?

Instead, players could get extra time to recover in anticipation of key meetings of the League of Nations.

- From the point of view of the result, this game is not important.

But the coaching staff will have the opportunity to try out the players who do not have enough playing practice in the national team.

This also applies to the youth summoned to the gathering.

At the same time, those on whom the stake in the League of Nations will get their time.

Cherchesov needs to get the outline of the squad for the matches with Turkey and Serbia.

So, for example, Artyom Dziuba spent half in the previous friendly match with Sweden.

- Because of a cold, the main goalkeeper Anton Shunin did not come to the location of the national team.

Probably on the last frontier he will be replaced by Marinato Guilherme.

Should fans be worried about this, given how many mistakes the naturalized Brazilian made this season?

- There is some excitement, although I cannot say that Guilherme is to blame for all the goals conceded and regularly commits gross mistakes.

But when your team concedes five goals on the eve of the training camp, and you receive a direct red card, this cannot but inflict a psychological blow.

However, two former goalkeepers work at the headquarters of the national team: Cherchesov himself and Gintaras Stauche.

They will cope with determining the "number one" of the national team.

- Is he even in the current lineup?

- Of course not.

When the last line of the national team was defended by Igor Akinfeev, everything was clear to everyone.

Now the coaching staff trusts Shunin, and before that he relied on Guilherme.

On the one hand, it's not bad when you have enough good goalkeepers.

On the other hand, the goalkeeper must be the real "number one": there he is, and then all the others.

Therefore, the current situation raises certain concerns.

- Shouldn't Cherchesov try young Matvey Safonov at least in a friendly match with Moldova?

- I think that in this match the place at the last line will be taken by a person who will play in the League of Nations meetings.

You can experiment in the field, but not in the goalkeeper position.

Yes, Soslan Dzhanaev entered the field with Sweden, but at that time we were confidently leading in the League of Nations group.

Now the situation has become more complicated.

Ahead of Russia are the decisive matches of the tournament.

- In your opinion, is Safonov ready to play in the national team?

- Not yet.

You saw the match against Chelsea in the Champions League.

Safonov lacks stability for a long time.

Here, as an example, we can cite the same Akinfeev, who for many years staked out the place of the main goalkeeper of the national team.

This is because he played consistently and practically without errors.

Actually, stability is Igor's strong point.

Matvey, on the other hand, is a young guy and psychologically not completely ready.  

"The guys were invited to breathe the air of the national team"

- In addition to Safonov, a number of other youth players have been invited to the national team.

Does this mean that Cherchesov is preparing to renew the team?

- Rather, the guys were invited to breathe the air of the national team.

And the change of generations in it is not far off.

Cherchesov must think about the future, especially since a good galaxy of football players is growing up in the country, who made their way to the youth Euro 2021.

I wonder how they will look at the level of the top teams in their age.

Why not invite some representatives of the youth team to the main team now?

God forbid, one of them will take to the field in the match with Moldova.

- In recent matches, the average age of the Russian national team was approaching 30 years.

Does this mean that the rejuvenation of the composition is already vital?

- Rejuvenation is a gradual process.

You can't just take and change a large group of players at one moment.

And the veterans do not give a serious reason to remove them from the squad.

Therefore, Cherchesov continues to rely on the players who played at the home world championship.

When they cease to correspond to the international level, Stanislav Salamovich will have to think seriously.

But again, it is important how the youth team will show themselves at Euro 2021.

If the guys prove that they are ready to play at the highest level, it will be possible to seriously think about changing generations.

It is too early to talk about this.

- Don't you think that Igor Diveev and Roman Evgeniev already look preferable to Andrey Semyonov in the center of the national team's defense?

- You can recall what mistakes Diveev and Evgeniev made in RPL matches, both positional and technical.

Now they are gradually gaining experience and coming out to leading positions in their teams.

But this does not mean that they should immediately join the national team.

Here, experience comes first.

We also return to the issue of stability.

- Mario Fernandez will miss international matches again.

Is the Russian national team gradually getting used to living without him?

- Mario has staked out a place at the base of the national team and shows that he is one of the best footballers in the country.

However, Vyacheslav Karavaev can play on the right flank of the defense, who looks good at Zenit and does a lot of work.

Is that he is slightly inferior to Fernandez in terms of technical equipment, dribbling.

However, it is obvious that Karavaev is capable of playing at a high level in this position, so the absence of Mario is not such a serious problem.

But in general, there is not a wide choice of players in Russia, and the loss of anyone becomes a headache.

"I don't see a big problem in combining Miranchuks"

- In the last matches of the national team Alexey Ionov did not look the best.

And in Krasnodar, he has not yet adapted.

Shouldn't Konstantin Kuchaev try in his place, who has already scored six goals in the current RPL season.

- We do not have such a strong championship to include a football player in the main squad only on the grounds that he scores in it.

The RPL level is clearly visible in the Champions League matches.

I think that Cherchesov's coaching staff examines each candidate, especially since Ionov has been in the national team's squad for a long time, and they know very well about his capabilities.

Probably, Alexei has psychological problems, or he physically does not pull.

I think that while the national team still counts more on Ionov than on Kuchaev.

- One of the main questions: how to combine Anton and Alexey Miranchuk on the pitch.

While the latter was recovering from injury at Atalanta, the former became the leader of the national team.

- In my time, there was a problem of how to unite Andrey Kanchelskis and Valery Karpin on the field.

Alexey and Anton are still more versatile players.

Both are capable of playing both in the middle of the field and on the flanks.

Alexey can take a position under the attacker, and Anton - to act from the edge.

I don't see this as a big problem.

In general, the midfield is the strongest line in the Russian national team.

There Cherchesov has a serious choice.

The main thing is to understand who is in the best physical condition at the moment.

- Will Anton's strengths be leveled out if he moves to the flank?

- But in Lokomotiv, he played on the edge for a long time.

Actually, for several years she and her brother calmly played together for the railwaymen, only complementing each other.

Here the coaching staff will have to decide whether to release both Miranchuks at the base.

Perhaps one of them will strengthen the game during the matches.

Yes, Anton has shown himself famously in the last matches of the national team and in the Champions League, but Alexey scores for Atalanta.

- Will Inter's goal give him additional motivation?

- Any goal gives a player confidence in himself.

Even though Miranchuk played only two matches as part of the new team, he has already become stronger, because in addition to games, there are also trainings in which you need to prove yourself.

To get a place in the base, you have to prove yourself well in the training process.

In Europe, this is the law.

There, you must prove that you meet the requirements of the mentor.

Since Alexey does not get into the starting lineup, it means that Gian Piero Gasperini does not fully understand yet.

Something Italian in the actions of the Russian is not satisfied.

- At the same time, Denis Cheryshev risks losing his place at the base of the national team, who played 77 minutes in the last match between Examples and Real Madrid.

- This may well happen.

Of course, he is a good footballer, but you must always prove that you are in acceptable physical shape and ready to play.

In the October matches of the national team, the impression was that Cheryshev was not ready.

In any case, the more Russians compete in the leading European championships, the better.

Unfortunately, at the moment, domestic football players are inferior to their rivals in terms of the speed of thinking.

RPL is played very slowly.

In Europe, the level is completely different, there the requirements are very different.

"They could try to make a hero out of Dziuba again, but they chose silence"

- The main loss of the national team on the eve of the November matches is Artyom Dzyuba.

In your opinion, did Cherchesov make the right decision by recalling the captain?

- Probably, the coaching staff considered that the team did not need the hype, since it is important to concentrate on the upcoming matches.

Surely, a conversation took place with Artyom himself, they listened to his point of view.

It is, of course, difficult to assess Dziuba from the outside, because this is his personal life.

I agree with Alexander Medvedev (general director of Zenit. -


), who said that everything will depend only on him.

Let's see if Artyom has enough character to get out of this problem.

But I think he can handle it.

The forward has already taken the first step towards this, hitting the gates of Krasnodar.

A pause in November will only do him good.

Perhaps Dziuba himself asked about her, so that the hype would calm down a little.

- In your opinion, will the absence of the captain harm the team, given his role in it?

- It is clear that this will be a big disadvantage for the national team.

But the other attackers will have a chance to prove themselves and neutralize "jubo dependence".

- For the next matches, Cherchesov called two one-sided strikers

Anton Zabolotny and Alexander Sobolev

with Dzyuba

(the conversation took place before Fedor Chalov was transferred from the youth team to the main team. - RT)


Does this indicate that the coaching staff is not going to change the attacking system?

- Quite right.

Of course, one can assume that both strikers will appear on the field at the same time, but this is unlikely given the large number of quality performers in the center of the field.

Whose chances of becoming the main forward are higher?

I think 50 to 50. It is possible that Cherchesov himself will only make a choice on match days.

Still, Sobolev and Zabolotny are one-sided footballers.

At the same time, Alexander works better with the ball.

But Anton was more often called up to the national team.

In any case, Dziuba will remain the unconditional number one in this position if he is in good shape.

- Don't you have to talk about it now?

- Unfortunately yes.

It was possible to throw him into battle in the next matches of the national team, but there would be more hype and talk, and this would all affect the national team.

This is probably why the coaching staff abandoned this idea.

From Dziuba, they could try to make a hero again, but they chose silence.

As for what happened to him, then, knowing what time we live in, you just need to think and not make such mistakes.

Artyom said correctly: we are all not sinless.

But he is the football player of the national team, its captain and face.

Yes, he didn’t do anything reprehensible, but, unfortunately, it all got on the Internet.