Sumo Wrestling November Place First Day New Masayo Ozeki Starts White Star November 8th 19:22

The sumo wrestling November venue celebrated its first day on the 8th at the Kokugikan in Ryogoku, Tokyo.

Shin-Ozeki Masayo will play against Wakatakakage At the head of the front, and will start the white star by winning a racy sumo wrestling.

It is a victory or defeat after entering the middle.

▽ Shimanoumi pushed out ten Chiyono emperors to Shimanoumi.

▽ Chiyoshoma throws a new opening in the sky sea.

▽ Kotonowaka is the shoulder of Chiyotairyu.

▽ Ichinojo is pushed out by Chiyo no Kuni.

▽ Hoshoryu was defeated by Kaisei Ichirō.

▽ Toyoyama pushes down Enho Akira.

▽ Akio is pushed out to the sea of ​​Sada.

▽ Kotoeko throws Kotoeko on Ryuden.

▽ Tokushoryu is overwhelmed by Tokushoryu.

▽ Endo won by pushing out to Aoiyama.

▽ Tamawashi is pushed out to Tochinoshin.

▽ Takarafuji overthrows Kotoshoho.

▽ Hokutofuji pushes Myogiryu to Hokutofuji.

▽ The sea of ​​Okinoumi is pushed out by Shosaru.

▽ Terunofuji is close to Terunofuji, who has returned to the three roles.

▽ Shin Sekiwake Takanosho wins Daieishō, but Daieishō pushes it down.

▽ Sekiwake Mitakeumi Abu Saki controls the racy sumo wrestling that Mitakeumi can talk about.

▽ New Ozeki Masayo Wakatakakage, who was the first in the front, won the sumo wrestling that Masayo also had a word for, and won by pushing it down.

▽ Ozeki Asanoyama is close to Kiribayama.

▽ Ozeki Takayasu, who returned to the three roles in Takakeishō, was pushed out by Takayasu.

Yokozuna Tsururyu diagnosed as "lumbar spondylolisthesis"

The Japan Sumo Association has announced that it has been diagnosed that it is necessary to close the Yokozuna Tsururyu, which was closed for three consecutive places after the first day of the Sumo Wrestling in November.

Yokozuna Kakuryu has been closed for the right elbow in July and in the autumn in September due to a hip injury, and in November, the first day of the event was held at the Kokugikan in Tokyo and Ryogoku for three consecutive places. We delivered the 18th holiday.

The Japan Sumo Association issued a medical certificate on the 8th, when Tsururyu was examined at the sumo clinic in the National Sports Hall on the 4th of this month, and as a result, his back pain worsened due to "lumbar spondylolisthesis" and he needed to be closed in November. , Announced.

Yokozuna Hakuho, who has reached the first day at the Kokugikan, has been closed since the first day due to the surgery on his right knee in August.

According to the Sumo Association, there are two or more yokozuna in the ranking, and it is the first time in history that all of them are closed from the first day in two consecutive places.

Chairman of the Japan Sumo Association Hakkaku "I want to show fans that Yokozuna is on the ground"

Regarding the fact that both Yokozuna of Hakuho and Tsururyu were closed and the first day was reached without Yokozuna in two consecutive places, the chairman of the Japan Sumo Association, Mr. Hachikaku, said, "I would like to show the fans that the yokozuna is in the field. I want you to go out to the place. It is the responsibility of Yokozuna to heal the injury and bring it to a state where sumo can be taken. "

Also, regarding Masayo, who named the first white star as the new Ozeki, even though it was a terrible sumo wrestling, "It will be hard because it is the first effort. Sekiwake and Ozeki have different responsibilities, and I had a strong feeling that I had to win. I think that it is unavoidable that there are occasional wins like today, but I want a sense of stability that will come out a little earlier, "he said, and he said that all three Ozeki got off to a white star start. There are various contents, but the victory is big. "