Sumo Wrestling November Place First Day New Ozeki Masayo will play against Wakatakakage at the forefront on November 8th at 5:21

Sumo Wrestling November will be the first day of the 8th, and Masayo Shin-Ozeki will play against Wakatakakage, the leader of the front.

At the Sumo Wrestling November location, both Yokozuna of Hakuho and Tsururyu were closed due to injuries, and two consecutive locations have been absent from the first day.

Attention Shin Ozeki Masayo, Takakeishō and Asanoyama's Ozeki team are required to compete for the championship and also play a role in closing the ring.

Masayo is the first to meet Wakatakakage at the forefront.

If Masayo can take a sumo wrestling that puts pressure on his own, he will be able to see the first white star as Ozeki.

On the other hand, Wakatakakage, who won 11 wins in the previous place and became the highest self, seems to be able to move forward with speedy sumo and win the game at once without losing the pressure of Masayo.

Takakeishō Ozeki will play against Takayasu Koyui, who has returned to the three roles.

In the past battles, 5 wins and 6 losses and Takakeishō have been defeated, and I would like to attack Takayasu, who has experience with Ozeki, with a strong push and without spending time.

Asanoyama Ozeki is a match against Kiribayama, the leader of the front.

Asanoyama is good at the same four sumo wrestling, but if he takes the upper left hand, he will not move.

Kiribayama wants to show a tenacious sumo wrestling against Ozeki with his strong legs and legs to see if he can win.

Takanosho Nobu Sekiwake will face Daieishō and Terunofuji Haruo, who has returned to three roles for the first time in three years.

Shosaru, who fought for the championship up to Chiakiraku and raised the ranking to the 4th front, is the best with Okinoumi Ayumi.