Sumo Wrestling November Place New Ozeki Masayo Play against Wakatakakage on the first day November 6th 15:13

On the 8th, the first day and the second day of the sumo wrestling November place, which will be the first day, have been decided.

While Yokozuna is absent for two places in a row, Masayo Ozeki, who is in the spotlight, will face Wakatakakage At the front on the first day.

On the 6th, the Japan Sumo Association held an initiative organization meeting at the Kokugikan in Tokyo and Ryogoku, and decided on the first and second days of the November location.

The November location will be closed due to the injury of both Yokozuna of Hakuho and Tsururyu, and there will be no Yokozuna in two consecutive locations.

Masayo, who won the first victory in the previous place and was promoted to Ozeki, will face Wakatakakage on the first day and Kiribayama on the second day.

Masayo and Wakatakakage are the first to meet.

Masayo wants to get off to a good start as a new Ozeki, rejecting the challenge of Wakatakakage, who fought for the championship with a bold approach.

Takayasu Ozeki, who won 12 wins at the end of the holidays, will face Takayasu Akira, who had Ozeki experience on the first day and returned to the third role, and Wakatakakage on the second day.

Asanoyama Ozeki, who had only 10 wins in the previous place, played against Kiribayama on the first day and Terunofuji Koyui, who returned to the three roles for the first time in three years on the second day.

Takanosho, who was promoted to Sekiwake as the new San'yaku, will face Daieishō on the first day and Abu Saki on the second day, both of which will face the second front.

In addition, Shosaru, who fought for the championship until Chiakiraku at the new opening of the previous place and raised the ranking to the fourth front, will face Okinoumi Ayumi on the first day and Hokutofuji on the second day.

On the other hand, in addition to both yokozuna, Kotoyuki who returned to the Makuuchi will also be closed from the first day.

Sumo Wrestling November will be held on the 8th at the Kokugikan in Ryogoku, Tokyo.