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  • Olympique de Marseille were beaten 3-0 on Tuesday evening by FC Porto in the Champions League.

  • This is the twelfth defeat in a row for the Marseille club in the Champions League, a record equal.

  • OM supporters are very upset against their team after this sad record.

A heavy defeat on the pitch, and in the hearts of the supporters.

Olympique de Marseille did not yet exist on Tuesday night in Porto, losing 3-0, after a first defeat against Olympiakos (1-0), and the slap received by City (3-0).

A defeat synonymous with last place in the group, with 0 points, but above all the twelfth in a row in the Champions League, Anderlecht's record equaled… A “shame” for André Villas Boas and his players, an affront to the supporters of the OM.

" What to say ?

Words fail us to describe what we saw and endured on the occasion of this third day of the Champions League.

An insult to football, to the OM institution, to our 120 years of history, to our colors, and to all the people of Marseille.

A service again inadmissible and unworthy of our values, ”lamented the group of supporting the South Winners in a statement.

"This team definitely lacks everything"

The Champions League has been the pride of Olympique de Marseille since its victory in 1993, the only French in this competition, often recalled through the famous "Forever the first".

A pride now brandished by Marseille supporters to mock Parisian failures on the European scene since the takeover of PSG by Qatar.

With the sequence of these poor performances, the supporters will no longer have the leisure to chamber their Parisian enemies.

It is even the backlash.

“You're not going to win the Champions League, but you can at least look good.

With OM, it's always the worst or the best.

Never the first, you are the first French club to win the Champions League, but also to have the record of defeats.

It's amazing, you wonder how it's possible, why is this happening at OM?

You have smaller clubs like Nicosia and Bucharest which are not very well known and they don't do that, they score a few points, a few goals, ”asks Benjamin, an OM fan since his youth.

Reminder of the results known at this time:

Florida: Trump

Arizona: Biden

Texas: Trump

Virginia: Biden

Marseille: 12 consecutive defeats

- SO FOOT (@sofoot) November 4, 2020

“We have to believe that all our detractors are right to say that we are not invited to this competition given the commitment of our players.

The step is definitely too high when we offer such services, each more catastrophic and distressing than the last.

This team definitely lacks everything: desire, intensity, technical and athletic quality, game plan, grinta, honor, dignity.

Our starlets are hiding, we hear them in the press or on social networks but we do not see them on the rectangle of truth ”, regret the South Winners.

"Nightmare and historical shame"

It must be said that the Olympique de Marseille is not going dead hand in terms of marketing-promotional-rooming.

The famous "It's Marseille baby" after the victory against PSG, immediately withdrawn after the defeat against Saint-Etienne.

And the “European Hunger” campaign embodied by Dimitri Payet and Dario Benedetto for UberEats.

And when we see how the Marseillais are crunched, the club even manages to stretch the stick to get beaten.

“I was distressed, they are making fun of themselves.

You have the impression that they are in some kind of delirium, they take it as a joke.

It's Marseille baby, they did their thing, now we have to get out of this.

Winning matches, and not being smart, ”regrets Benjamin.

"This return to the most prestigious European competition was shaping up to be a party, you turned it into a nightmare and historical shame", sum up the Winners.


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