It was in an interview with Norwegian Dagbladet that Therese Johaug tried to transfer the favorite to Frida Karlsson.

- The Swedish riders will be tough to beat.

Now I have to take the opportunity to put some pressure on Frida.

Last year I was criticized for being too kind to them and taking care of them.

That is why I now say: Frida wins in Kuusamo (Ruka).

But Charlotte Kalla, who has been beaten by the Norwegian in the World Cup since 2007, still believes that Johaug will be the best when it comes.

- I think that Therese is always Therese and she has such a huge lowest level, so I think she should take on the favorite anyway.

But Frida is strong.

Is that a bit of a game, do you think, to put over the favorite and avoid some pressure?

- Yes, I actually do not really know.

Frida was the one who beat Therese in the last World Cup competition, so of course she has reason to put the pressure on Frida.

But Therese has performed so incredibly well from year to year, and is usually only strong at the beginning of the season as well.

ARCHIVE: Frida Karlsson sprints down Johaug in Holmenkollen (7 March 2020)

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Frida Karlsson cheers after the victory in Holmenkollen.

Photo: Bildbyrån