• Group B. Gladbach sweeps Ukraine (0-6)

  • Atlético.Without finishing the task in Moscow (1-1)

There are games that are worth titles and there are parties that are tanned.

We do not know if the victory against an ambitious Inter will be a prelude to something great in times of austerity in Madrid.

For now, he takes the team off the sandbar and hardens those who need it, such as




, to the connection of a goal that is like a diamond.

When they feel like they have lost their place in the attack, they feel more important than ever.



came out face, their faces.

[Narration and statistics (3-2)]

Inter comes out into the open field without putting a ball in the lottery hype.

It is the new Italy, the new calcium.

It is too early to know the result of this revolution that has risks, as evidenced by Madrid's first goal, born of a mistake by


for wanting to play with his goalkeeper.

In another time, the goalkeeper did not play, he stopped, and more in the land of


, which one of his apostles had in the father of Grande Inter,

Helenio Herrera

, HH.

Another time, another football, another Inter.

The conversion can be interpreted as a step forward, in search of more goals, more spectacle and more money.

Everything is in relation.

The question is whether Italians play what they feel.

We need time.




are, then, the only thing that we could identify as Italian in this Inter that starts from three centrals, unfolds on the wings and advances its centrals to the media.

For that you need defenders like


, a good foot and a good head, but less intensity in the brand.

It was not difficult for Madrid to finish off from what years ago was a private preserve.

They did




before the marker was opened by the interista error in center field.

In fact,

Sergio Ramos

is more Italian

, who has enough to lift his head and move the ball, but also to make an old-fashioned mark on



If we add to this the goal in the opposite area, we can only conclude what we already know.

It is unique, unclassifiable, but not infallible.

His reading in the Italian tie was not correct.

Just two minutes later

That duel was not the only one that Zidane proposed, by sending Valverde to pressure



The two Madrid footballers pursued their references with military discipline.

Valverde defended forward to top the Chilean until he made him feel uncomfortable, a lot.

Ramos had a tough bone, because Lautaro moves like a devil, is aggressive on the defender and charges the shot first.

He is not going through his best stage, but in Valdebebas he found the fruit of the goal after a play for the video library.

The credit went to the young


, who left a spur assist for the Argentine in the area.

The goal quickly brought Inter back into the game, two minutes after Ramos had managed to extend




It was not a game to be calm, played with ambition, mobility and high pace of play by both teams.

Also nervous, given the situation of both in the classification of a group turned into a shaker.

The fortune of Madrid was to take the initiative, twice, although it was not able to sustain it.

Achraf's mistake on the same lawn where he put his football teeth was due not only to the risks that



, but also to the aforementioned individual duels, since they also occurred on the wings.

Higher pace

Achraf had won it from Mendy in a race where he lacked precision in the final center, but this time he lost it in pressure and charging.

The transfer to


, very forced, was faulty.

Benzema took advantage of it, attentive to the carrion like a hyena.

It's what a striker has to do.

The Frenchman endured the pulse with the goalkeeper and found the net.

Ramos' goal, very shortly after, did not come from a gross error by the rival, but from a bad defensive reading.

If Ramos takes a step in your area, it only remains to cross himself.


The advantage was solvent, but Lautaro's goal compromised it before the break.

Back, Inter picked up the pace and Zidane was forced to replace




, without a boost for what was coming.

The Belgian progresses adequately, he needs to improve the Balearic.

The ZZ reading could not be better, since the connection of the substitutes, Vinicius and Rodrygo would be key to avoid the catastrophe, but before it was necessary to enter a dangerous body.

The lack of pressure and the bad reading, this time, of Ramos, led the ball to reach Lautaro.

The Argentine gave


, who crossed to tie and make Inter the owner of the game and of the chances.

Once again, the Croatian and Lautaro were able to define the victory, but forgiveness is expensive against Madrid, although it is not supported by the Bernabéu.

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