Ski jumping Yuki Ito wins 3 consecutive days at 18:47 on November 2nd

A ski summer jump competition was held in Sapporo, where Yuki Ito won the women's championship for the third consecutive day, and Yukiya Sato won the men's championship for the first time.

The ski summer jump competition, which started on the 29th of last month, has been held for four consecutive days at the Okurayama Jump Stadium in Sapporo City from the 31st to reduce the movement of athletes and thoroughly implement infection prevention measures.

Large hills for men and women will be held on the 2nd, and among them, if Ito, who has won the championship for two consecutive races so far, flies 132 meters 50 for the first time and takes the lead, extend the flight distance to 128 meters for the second time. I didn't, but I ran away with a total of 242.7 and won the championship.

Sara Takanashi, a bronze medal at the Pyeongchang Olympics, was third.

On the other hand, the boys took the lead by flying 139 meters 50, which exceeds the "hill size", which is dangerous if Sato, who achieved the double crown in the All Japan Championship, flies any more for the first time.

In addition, he won the tournament for the first time with a total of 284.4, with two big jumps at 140 meters 50, which is the longest unbeatable for the second time.

Ryoyu Kobayashi, who was 3rd overall in the World Cup last season, was 9th, and 48-year-old veteran Noriaki Kasai was 13th.

Ito "I want to finish comfortably"

Yuki Ito, who won the championship for three days in a row, said,

"The timing of the takeoff was slightly delayed in the first time, but I was able to make a jump that was close to my image. The second time I completely failed and I was struck by the wind. I've done it. "

On the other hand, regarding the fact that he was able to win three consecutive games despite some failures, he said,

"I think I was lucky to be able to fly under relatively good conditions even at this time when the wind changes rapidly. I am convinced that it is the last race tomorrow. If I can jump, I think I can finish it comfortably, so I want to do my best. "

Sato "It was really nice"

Yukiya Sato, who won the championship by jumping over the hill size twice in a row, said,

"I was really happy. Given the good conditions, it became two good jumps for myself." Was there.

On the other hand, regarding future issues,

"The day before yesterday seems to be stable at 2nd place and yesterday at 4th place, but my sense of jump and flight distance have not yet been engaged. We have to match this difference for the World Cup. "