ATP releases Lublev poster., November 2nd. On the evening of the 1st Beijing time, in the men's singles final of the ATP Vienna station, Rublev won the championship, becoming the player who won the most singles championships this year. After winning the championship, he also locked in the ATP year-end Eligibility for the finals.

  In the final, Lublev performed significantly better, beating Sonic 2:0 (6:4, 6:4), winning three consecutive 500 championships in Hamburg, St. Petersburg and Vienna since September.

This is also his fifth singles championship this season. Rublev surpassed Djokovic to become the player who won the most singles championships this year.

  With the victory in Vienna, Rublev officially entered the London ATP year-end finals, which was the first time in his career to qualify for the finals.

  After the game, he said: "I still have a lot to improve, so this is a very good challenge for me. It allows me to see myself in the competition at that level, in the competition with the best eight players. In the end, what areas need to be improved."

  The 2020 ATP year-end finals are scheduled to be held from November 15-22. This year is also the 50th anniversary of the event.

  ATP official local time issued a statement on the year-end finals on October 31, stating that this year's ATP year-end finals will continue to be held behind closed doors in London and there will be no spectators in the competition.

  Before Lublev, the players who had been in the ATP finals were Djokovic, Nadal, Tim, Medvedev, Zverev Jr. and Sisipas.