Reputation, Ganiyev and Suarez are emerging from the circle of oblivion ... and Tigali and Matavez are stronger than criticism

5 stars answered the skeptics on the stadium

The first three rounds of the Arab Gulf Football League witnessed the brilliance of many players who imposed themselves as the most prominent stars of the competition, but five names emerged that were strong candidates to enter the circle of oblivion and stay out of the limelight, before they made exceptional performances and responded to criticism on the field, which made them the most prominent in The start of the 12th edition of the league.

The star of the national team and Al-Wehda club, Ismail Matar, tops the list, after many on social media expected that the best player in the 2003 Youth World Cup would be affected by the new Corona virus pandemic, especially since all players stayed away from training and playing official matches for a period of up to seven months. Reply an unexpected reputation, after he lost nine kilograms of weight, and reached a high degree of readiness and high physical fitness, while this was positively reflected on his return with Al-Wehda in the first three rounds of the league, as he is considered one of the best players of "Annabi", although he is 37 A year old, but he confirmed that age is just a number after he scored a wonderful goal against Shabab Al-Ahly, when he dodged five players and fired a missile ball with his left foot into the goal of goalkeeper Majid Nasser, who just watched the ball hugging the net.

For his part, Uzbek player Aziz Ganiyev is considered a "pleasant surprise" in the Al-Ahly youth list, after the club signed the 21-year-old player last January from the Uzbek national Nasaf to be registered as an Asian player in the team's list in the AFC Champions League competition, without being restricted at the tournament level. Ganiyev did not appear in the first two rounds of the competition at a good level, before presenting impressive levels when the competition was resumed last September.

At a time when Ganejev was outside the coaching staff's accounts, due to the completion of the list of foreign players for Al-Ahly youth, the Brazilian Leonardo de Souza's injury opened the door for the Uzbek player to be registered on the last day of the registration door, as Ganeev appeared as the best player in the midfield of Al-Ahly youth, He scored a wonderful goal against Al Wahda from a direct free kick, and became a key name in Spanish coach Gerard Zaragoza's squad.

As for Brazilian Wilton Suarez, he is considered a phenomenon that deserves to follow, especially since he received many criticisms last season for his decline in his level and for not appearing well with the "emperor", as he scored nine goals in 14 matches he played in the league with the team, while the current season started in the best possible way. After he scored three hat-tricks against Saudi Al-Taawon in the continental championship before scoring three goals with the defending champion in the league, as Suarez scored twice against Fujairah and one goal against Al-Wehda, to bring back to the minds of fans of "the king" the wonderful performance he presented in Season 2018-2019, when he scored 20 goals in 26 league matches, which he contributed to Sharjah's victory in the title.

As for the striker of the national team and the former club Al-Wehda, Sebastian Tigali, he responded in his own way to the criticism he had received for the decline in his level after joining Al-Nassr, and that he would move away from the competition circuit for the title of top scorer in the league. He starred in the derby match against Al Wasl, as Tigali scored two goals and made the third goal for his colleague Diaa Sabaa, and confirmed his readiness to break the record for the most goals-scoring players in the history of the league registered in the name of Fahd Khamis.

Finally, the Slovenian player Tim Matavz confirmed that it will be one of the main elements that Al-Wehda will rely on in the current season, after it was a strong candidate to leave the team before the registration door was closed last October, but the Slovenian international scored two goals in the first two rounds with Al-Wehda and appeared very well, confirming that he Of the candidates to compete in the league's top scorer title.

Al-Agamy: A reputation for making a double effort backed by experience

Former Al-Jazeera player and sports analyst Rakan Al-Ajami said that the first three rounds of the Arabian Gulf League witnessed the brilliance of many names that some expect to shine, indicating that the most prominent is Ismail Matar.

He explained to "Emirates Today" that "reputation has proven that age is just a number, after it provided double the return than expected, which confirms its full readiness for the new season, while this effort is supported by the great experience possessed by the unity player."

He pointed out that «both the Uzbek Aziz Ganiyev and the Brazilian Wilton Suarez have proven that they are among the stars of the league so far, despite the criticism that Suarez received, when he was a player in Al Wasl, while Ganiyev was contracted with the aim of participating in Asia with Al-Ahly youth.


reputation lost nine kilos of weight, and reached a high degree of readiness and fitness.

Suarez received several criticisms for his deteriorating performance with Al Wasl last season.

Leonardo's injury opened the door for Ganejev to become the best midfielder in Shabab Al-Ahly.

- Tigali confirms his readiness to break the record for the most scored players in the league.

- Matavz was a candidate to leave the unit before he shined and scored twice in the first two rounds.

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