Good morning and welcome to our live blog about the free practice and qualifying for the Grand Prix of Emilia-Romagna!

My name is Patrick Moeke and I will keep you informed of the developments at the Imola circuit.

  • LIVE: VT1

  • 2.00 pm: Qualification

Formula 1 a few seconds ago

Another 31 minutes

- Hamilton is going for a while and is now faster than Verstappen.

The score:

  • Hamilton 1.14.726

  • Verstappen 1.15.023

  • Bottas 1.15.218

  • Stroll 1.16.082

  • Pérez 1.16.109

  • Formula 1 2 minutes ago

    Another 33 minutes

    - Hamilton also does not yet reach Verstappen's time in his first timed lap on the soft tire.

    The reigning and upcoming champion is 0.189 seconds slower.

    Formula 1 · 4 minutes ago

    Another 36 minutes

    - Bottas briefly refers Verstappen to P2, but the Red Bull driver answers immediately.

    The score:

  • Verstappen (S) 1.15.023

  • Bottas (S) 1.15.218

  • Hamilton (M) 1.15.346

  • 4 minutes ago

    Formula 1 7 minutes ago

    Another 38 minutes -

    Verstappen, still the fastest driver, is back on the road with a fresh set of soft tires.

    Hamilton also starts a stint on the fastest rubber.

    Formula 1 10 minutes ago

    Another 41 minutes

    - Striking, Bottas does not yet reach the time of Verstappen in his first timed lap on the soft tire.

    He admits four tenths to the Dutchman.

    Formula 1 15 minutes ago

    Another 46 minutes

    - The position halfway through the training:

  • Verstappen (S) 1.15.338

  • Hamilton (M) 1.15.346

  • Bottas (M) 1.15.783

  • Leclerc (S) 1.16.208

  • Gasly (M) 1.16.218

  • Formula 1 19 minutes ago

    Another 50 minutes

    - Hamilton is approaching the time of Verstappen to eight thousandths.

    The Briton runs on medium, while Verstappen is on the road on soft.

    Formula 1 21 minutes ago

    Another 53 minutes

    - P1 for Max Verstappen.

    With 1.15.338, the Red Bull driver is half a beat faster than Bottas, who has not yet ridden on the soft tire.

    21 minutes ago

    Formula 1 25 minutes ago

    Another 55 minutes

    - Verstappen goes on the road with the soft tire.

    Expect extremely fast times from the Dutchman.

    Formula 1 29 minutes ago

    Another 63 minutes

    - On the faster medium band, Bottas continues with a tenth below the time of Verstappen.

    Formula 1 · 34 minutes ago

    Another 66 minutes

    - The position after half an hour of training: 

  • Verstappen (H) 1.15.912

  • Gasly (H) 1.16.913

  • Leclerc (H) 1.17.138

  • Hamilton (H) 1.17.197

  • Kvyat (H) 1.17.820

  • Formula 1 37 minutes ago

    The Imola circuit provides beautiful pictures.



    Avatar Author Mattzel89 Moment of places 10: 18 - 31 October 2020

    Formula 1 38 minutes ago

    Verstappen is top of the pile at the moment, with a 1: 16.228 ⏱ #ImolaGP 🇮🇹 # F1


    Avatar Author Formula 1 Moment of publication 10: 18 - 31 October 2020

    38 minutes ago

    Formula 1 43 minutes ago

    Another 74 minutes -

    The times are falling with the lap down and it is especially Verstappen who sets the tone.

    With 1.16.228, the Dutchman is now nine tenths faster than Leclerc (second).

    Formula 1 one hour ago

    Another 78 minutes

    - The Mercedes drivers are still taking it easy in the opening phase of this session.

    Verstappen is tightening his fastest time again and is now six tenths faster than the rest.

    Formula 1 one hour ago

    Another 79 minutes

    - Verstappen speeds up the pace and clocked the fastest time with 1.17.047.

    This makes him five tenths faster than Sainz (second).

    Formula 1 one hour ago

    Hamilton is introduced to the high curbstones in the chicane.

    Hamilton gets some air at Variante Alta 🛫 #ImolaGP 🇮🇹 # F1


    Avatar Author Formula 1 Moment of publication 10:09 - 31 October 2020

    Formula 1 one hour ago

    Another 81 minutes

    - Kvyat dives with two hundredths below the time of Verstappen, who is now second.

    an hour ago

    Formula 1 one hour ago

    Another 84 minutes

    - Verstappen immediately clocked the fastest time on the hard tire in his first timed lap.

    With 1.18.280, the Dutchman is half a second faster than Sainz (second).

    Formula 1 one hour ago

    Another 86 minutes

    - It is immediately busy on the track.

    Except for George Russell, all drivers hit the road immediately.

    Formula 1 one hour ago

    Another 90 minutes

    - Green!

    The first and only free practice at Imola for the Grand Prix of S̶a̶n̶ ̶M̶a̶r̶i̶n̶o̶ Emilia-Romagna is on its way.

    Formula 1 one hour ago

    It could be a hectic session as this is the only free practice of the weekend.

    So the teams only have ninety minutes to find the right setup for qualifying.

    Formula 1 one hour ago


    Ciao @RGrosjean 👋It's #FreePractice time!

    # HaasF1 #ImolaGP


    Avatar Author Haas F1 Team Moment of places 09: 56 - October 31, 2020

    an hour ago

    Formula 1 one hour ago

    Max Verstappen is getting ready for the qualifying day at the Imola circuit.

    Immediately he will start a (short) free practice.

    Quali day 💪 Plenty to do 🦁 #UnleashTheLion #KeepPushing #ImolaGP 🇮🇹


    Avatar Author Max Verstappen Moment of places 09: 28 - 31 October 2020

    Back up