As recently as Thursday, Växjö visited HV71 and had to return home with one point after a loss in overtime.

In Saturday's meeting, Växjö took the lead in powerplay and also when HV71 had one man less who could act.

Just before the goal, HV defender Daniel Bertov got the puck in the face and stood still on the ice.

Växjö and Pontus Holmberg took advantage of that, scoring the goal from close range.

During the break, referee Johan Magnusson explained how to reason at the goal.

"Then we will not blow off"

- If there is no serious damage, we should not blow off.

If it is a serious injury is our assessment.

If we notice that it is serious, it is our duty to blow off immediately, but now we felt that it was not needed, says Magnusson in C More.

Early in the second came 2-0 for the home team when the Finn Ilari Melart bombed in 2-0.

But the HV71 reduced rapidly.

From close range, Anton Wedin found the goal in powerplay.

After that, it really turned to Växjö.

HV71 incurred two unnecessary expulsions in a row and the home team used both.

First, Joel Persson scored his first goal of the season and just over a minute later, Richard Gynge made it 4-1.

Thus, Växjö had scored three goals in three powerplays.

Önerud pissed

Växjö also put 5-1 before the period break against an HV71 who was severely punished.

- It is a fairly even period but we are efficient when we get the modes, so the efficiency in powerplay can not be complained about, says Joel Persson to C More.

HV71's captain Simon Önerud was noticeably angry.

- We have devilish problems with discipline and are too bad in the box.

It punishes itself.

I'm pissed, says Önerud.

HV71 accounted for two reductions in the third period until 5-3, but Växjö was able to put the final result 6-3 in the open box.