[Explanation] In order to promote the Olympic spirit, welcome the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, let more young people feel the charm of the Winter Olympics and traditional culture, and cheer for the Olympic Games Organizing Committee and the Olympic enterprises jointly launched the "Perpetual Love Action·The Most Beautiful On October 29th, the “Olympic Culture Entering Campus Activities” entered the Agile School of Heyuan City, Guangdong.

  According to reports, this is the first time "Cheering for the Olympics" has entered the southern campus. The organizing committee has brought professional ice and snow sports equipment and cultural and artistic supplies to local students, and set up Winter Olympics knowledge, traditional culture and Winter Olympics. Project experience and other links allow students to learn about the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics through more diversified forms, and also help campuses and cities to further implement the calls of "300 million people on ice and snow" and "Ice and snow on campus" locally.

  [Concurrent] Yu Zaiqing, Vice Chairman of the International Olympic Committee

  Why did you choose the southern city this time and Guangdong, because although Guangdong has not hosted the Olympic Games, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province hosted the 2010 Asian Games, Shenzhen hosted the 2011 World University Games, and Shantou will also host the Asian Youth Games in 2021 , So we feel that this place is also a fertile ground for spreading the Olympic spirit.

  [Explanation] On the same day, the reporter saw at the event that the area for experiencing the Winter Olympics was loved by the majority of teachers and students. Under the guidance of professionals, the students experienced the popularized version of the Winter Olympics "Curling" movement. From the theoretical knowledge of the Winter Olympics to the practical experience of the Winter Olympics.

  [Concurrent] Yu Zaiqing, Vice Chairman of the International Olympic Committee

  (Olympic culture on campus) The most important are two aspects. One aspect is the core part of the Olympic spirit. This part mainly emphasizes peace, friendship and unity. This is the purpose of the Olympics. I hope children can accept and understand the value of this aspect. The second is to promote the Olympic motto, faster, higher, and stronger in sports activities and on the journey of life.

  [Explanation] It is reported that "Cheering for the Olympics" is a cultural and sports project authorized and hosted by the International Olympic Committee. It aims to combine Chinese culture with the Olympic spirit and use the multiple expressions of sports culture, an international element, through the Olympic stage. , To show Chinese culture and art to the world.

  The 2020 "Courage to the Olympics, Constant Love Action·A Journey to Beauty" activity is planned to enter 13 schools across the country during the Winter Olympics cycle. Currently, it has entered Zhangjiakou, Ordos, and Heyuan, and the fourth stop will enter the "Hometown of Sports" --Nantong, Jiangsu.

  (Reported by reporter Wei Jeff from Guangdong)

Editor in charge: [Liu Pai]