Lotte Roki Sasaki Seeing off the pitching of the 1st army this season October 30, 17:55

Regarding pitcher Roki Sasaki, the first-ranked rookie in the draft of professional baseball Lotte, manager Tadahito Iguchi has indicated that he will pitch in the 1st army during this season, but he will be put off as "not reaching the match level". I did.

Pitcher Sasaki, who has the fastest straight of 163 km, was nominated as the first place from the four teams at the draft meeting last year, and as a result of the lottery, he was decided to join Lotte.

Director Iguchi announced on October 13 that he would pitch with one army during this season, but on the 30th, he responded to an interview at ZOZO Marine Stadium in Chiba City, saying, "This season seems to be difficult. It's not going well. I haven't reached the match level, "he said, and the pitching for this season has been postponed.

For the time being, the two teams will continue to make adjustments with the goal of pitching in the young educational league "Phoenix League" to be held in Miyazaki Prefecture from the 8th of next month.

Director Iguchi said, "When I saw it with a bullpen, I was throwing a little over 150 kilometers, so I thought it was a little more, but I received a report that I made such a decision in discussions with myself, the trainer, and the pitcher coach. I think the next step will be taken. "