Fridolina Rolfö suffered a concussion in the Champions League final at the end of August, an injury she suffered during the start of the season in the Bundesliga as well.

It was only three weeks ago that she was back in training again with her club team Wolfsburg, but match play has had to wait.

- It is frustrating when you notice that it does not go away after a week or two as I had hoped it would, the Wolfsburg player told SVT Sport two weeks ago.

"Available again"

But now there have been positive messages regarding the national team Swede.

At this week's press conference, Wolfsburg's coach Stephan Lerch announced that Rolfö is ready for games this weekend.

- She is available again, he says to the club's website.

Wolfsburg meet Bochum in the German Cup tomorrow, Saturday.

ARCHIVE: Rolfö not included in the European Championship qualifying squad: "No mild concussion" (13 October 2020)

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Fridolina Rolfö.

Photo: Bildbyrån