Juventus striker Cristiano Ronaldo has been in self-isolation for more than two weeks due to infection with the coronavirus.

The Portuguese footballer has to miss the matches of his club, and on Wednesday in his absence, Juventus was defeated by Barcelona in the Champions League.

The failed meeting with Lionel Messi and the defiant behavior of the striker in quarantine became the reason for both jokes and criticism.

Ronaldo's positive test for COVID-19 became known on October 13, on the eve of the match between the Portuguese national team and Sweden in the League of Nations.

The attacker was reported to have tolerated the disease without symptoms and was doing well.

However, he had to leave the location of the national team and return to Italy to go to self-isolation there.

Then the fans were worried about whether Ronaldo would have time to recover before the second round of the Champions League, in which Juventus hosted Barcelona.

This match was to be the first in two years in which Ronaldo would have played against Messi.

While the Portuguese played for Real Madrid, the confrontation between the two best strikers on the planet was the most intriguing in world football, and fans were eagerly awaiting when the owners of 11 Ballon d'Or (in total) again converge on the field.

The Champions League draw finally presented such an opportunity.

Ronaldo showed on social networks every day that he was in great shape.

However, all tests for COVID-19 showed that he was still sick and could infect others.

On October 27, the Portuguese passed another test, which again gave a positive result.

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Posted by Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) Oct 28, 2020 5:27 am PDT

Missing the match against Barcelona upset Ronaldo.

In his Instagram, he threw out his emotions about this, writing "PCR - crap!"

Soon he deleted this comment, but the footballer's opinion about this method of testing for coronavirus was remembered not only by fans, but also by specialists.

Roberto Burioni, a professor of medicine from Italy, made a caustic joke about Ronaldo's remark.

“I welcome my colleague Cristiano Ronaldo to the expanded ranks of virologists.

In a match with optometrists, he will be very useful, ”wrote Burioni on Twitter.

In the absence of Ronaldo, Juventus was unable to resist Barcelona.

The Spanish side won 2-0 and Messi scored the goal and provided an assist.

He was the first in history to score 70 goals in the UEFA Champions League group stage.

Barcelona took advantage of the occasion to once again prick their opponent and his main star, forced to watch the match on TV.

“We are delighted that you were able to see the greatest of all time in your field, Juventus, - wrote the Catalan club on his Twitter, recalling the rivalry between Messi and Ronaldo for the title of the best football player in the world.

We are glad you were able to see the 🐐 on your pitch, @juventusfcen!

😘 pic.twitter.com/yh74wh0lNJ

- FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) October 28, 2020

Ronaldo's infection with the coronavirus has been a reason for jokes in the football environment before.

For example, immediately after it became known about his first positive test, in the English-speaking account of Spartak they joked that now half of the starting lineup of Wolverhampton, in which many players of the Portuguese national team, will be disabled.

Now, Ronaldo is not only joked about, but also seriously criticized for being infected with the coronavirus.

So, the Italian Minister of Sports Vincenzo Spadafora insists that Ronaldo himself violated safety requirements, which led to infection and missed matches.

Spadafora is confident that the investigation will confirm this.

“When leaving the country, Ronaldo violated medical protocol.

There is an investigation to prove it.

Now we are not going to stop professional football, but Serie A has set the requirements for itself and now does not comply with them, ”said the Minister of Sports.

Earlier, Ronaldo called the information about the violation of the protocol a lie.

Spadafora reacted very sharply to these words of the attacker.

“The skill of one player does not give him the right to be arrogant and disrespectful towards the authorities, as well as to lie ... I confirm what I said yesterday about leaving the hotel (where a special“ bubble ”is organized for black and white. -


) Juventus players, based on reports the club has sent to the Turin health authorities.

I will no longer speak on this topic.

I wish everyone who passed a positive test to get better as soon as possible, ”Football Italia quotes Spadafora.

While Ronaldo is in self-isolation, Juventus not only lost to Barcelona, ​​but also lost points twice in the Italian championship, drawing with Crotone and Verona.

Without their leader, Turintsy could only defeat Dynamo Kiev in the Champions League.