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Feyenoord-Wolfsberger AC · a few seconds ago

20 'Feyenoord tries to fight its way back into the match as quickly as possible.

First, a header by Linssen smothered in the Austrian forest, then Kofler narrowly tapped a free kick by Kökcü out of his goal.

LASK-Ludogerets 2 minutes ago

15 'GOAL Ludogorets:


It is Dutchman Elvis Manu who scores the connection goal against LASK for Ludogorets.

Feyenoord-Wolfsberger AC · 4 minutes ago

A truly dramatic start for Feyenoord, which is 0-2 behind after fifteen minutes against Wolfsberger AC by two penalty kicks from Michael Liendl.

Feyenoord-Wolfsberger AC8 minutes ago

13 'GOAL Wolfsberger AC!


It is again Michael Liendl who takes the penalty.

This time Justin Bijlow is in the right corner, but the effort of the Wolfsberger captain has been aimed clean enough and so the Feyenoord goalkeeper cannot reach it again.

8 minutes ago

Feyenoord-Wolfsberger AC9 minutes ago

12 '

Penalty Wolfsberger!

It is again Wernitznig who goes to the grass, this time after a duel with Nieuwkoop.

In the replay you can see that the Austrian is making a genuine schwalbe, but unfortunately for Feyenoord there is no VAR to point out to the referee that he is being fooled.

Feyenoord-Wolfsberger AC11 minutes ago

Feyenoord has to recover after the rapid deficit.

In addition to the Austrian opponent, the Rotterdammers also have to fight against the elements, because it is still pouring from heaven above De Kuip.

Feyenoord-Wolfsberger AC16 minutes ago

4 'GOAL Wolfsberger AC!


Captain Michael Liendl, who we still know from his short employment with FC Twente, puts himself behind the ball and sends Justin Bijlow in the wrong direction.

An early blow for Feyenoord, the assignment has only become more difficult.

LASK-Ludogerets 17 minutes ago



The first goal of the evening is credited to Husein Balic, who puts the Austrian LASK ahead after only two minutes.

Feyenoord-Wolfsberger AC18 minutes ago

3 '

Penalty Wolfsberger!

Botteghin has lost Wernitznig for a moment and pulls his shirt very lightly.

The Austrian easily goes to the grass, but the referee puts the ball on the dot.

18 minutes ago

Feyenoord-Wolfsberger AC 19 minutes ago

2 'The first threat is from Feyenoord.

Wolfsberger goalkeeper Kofler picks a Haps cross from the air before Berghuis can put his head against it.

Feyenoord-Wolfsberger AC 21 minutes ago


The ball rolls into the soaking wet tub, Feyenoord has started the second group match in the Europa League.

Feyenoord-Wolfsberger AC 24 minutes ago

It is 12 degrees in Rotterdam at the moment, but because of the rain and wind it will feel much colder.

A good warm-up is therefore of great importance.

Feyenoord-Wolfsberger AC 26 minutes ago

Lawyer adapts position

Feyenoord also plays in a 4-4-2 formation, Dick Advocaat explains.

"Our plan is slightly different than usual. We have put Steven Berghuis and Bryan Linssen more in the middle, because they (Wolfsberger, ed.) 4-4-2 play with a diamond in midfield and backs that come up a lot. we also play in a diamond, with Mark Diemers in a free role as attacking midfielder ", according to the 73-year-old trainer of the team from Rotterdam, who also explains why he is adjusting his team.

"Otherwise Berghuis will have to chase their back too much. It is an annoying team to play against, they are physically strong. But the mood is good with us, the players want to put in a good performance, just like the trainer. If you want to participate. in Europe, you just have to win games like this, especially at home. "

Feyenoord-Wolfsberger AC 36 minutes ago

That's how the players of Feyenoord arrived at De Kuip.

The observant viewer will see that this happened with Wolfsberger's bus.

The Feyenoord player bus had a flat tire, after which the Austrians were kind enough to have their bus pick up the Rotterdammers.

Arrival at De Kuip!

🎒 #feywol • #UEL


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36 minutes ago

Feyenoord-Wolfsberger AC 41 minutes ago

It is raining heavily in De Kuip, where Feyenoord will kick off in 20 minutes against Wolfsberger AC for the second group match in the Europa League.

Antwerp-Tottenham Hotspur 41 minutes ago

Two jubilees at the Spurs: While Ben Davies is going to play his 200th game for the England team, goalkeeper Hugo Lloris starts his 100th European game.


100 European appearances! 👊 𝗛𝗨𝗚𝗢 👊 #UEL ⚪️ #COYS


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Lille-Celtic one hour ago

Sven Botman will soon be in the base at Lille.

The French team takes on Celtic from Scotland.

Our Starting XI for #LOSCCEL 👍


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Antwerp-Tottenham Hotspur one hour ago

Steven Bergwijn will start in the base with the Spurs.

Opponent is the Belgian Antwerp FC.

📋 Lloris (C), Aurier, Sanchez, Davies, Reguilon, Winks, Dele, Lo Celso, Bergwijn, Bale, Vinicius.📲 @WilliamHill latest (18+) #UEL ⚪️ #COYS


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Feyenoord-Wolfsberger ACone hour ago

Flat tire for Feyenoord bus

A small problem in the run-up to the match.

The Feyenoord players bus turned out to have a flat tire.

That is why the player bus of opponent Wolfsberger went to pick up the Rotterdammers.

The selection is now in De Kuip.

an hour ago

Feyenoord-Wolfsberger ACone hour ago

Wolfsberger announces line-up

The Austrian Wolfsberger AC has announced the line-up with which the team will start against Feyenoord.

The match starts at 6.55 pm in Rotterdam.


Novak, Lochoshvili, Baumgartner, Scherzer;

Taferner, Lettegeb, Liendl, Wernitznig;

Diang, Joveljic.

Feyenoord-Wolfsberger AC2 hours ago

Line-up of Feyenoord against Wolfsberger announced

Feyenoord has announced its line-up for the game against Wolfsberger AC.


Nieuwkoop, Botteghin, Spajic, Haps;

Toornstra, Geertruida, Kökçü;

Berghuis, Linssen, Diemers.

Omonia Nicosia-PSV 3 hours ago

Jordan Teze arrived in Cyprus just in time to play with PSV against Omonia Nicosia tonight.

The defender was initially refused by the authorities because he has been infected with the corona virus, but was later allowed to enter the country.


Welcome to Cyprus, Jordan!



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Europa League 7 hours ago

Refused Teze will still travel to Cyprus for PSV's EL duel with Omonia

Jordan Teze is still on his way to Cyprus for PSV's Europa League match against Omonia Nicosia on Thursday evening, PSV reports.

The defender was not allowed to travel with the Eindhoven selection yesterday by the Cypriot authority because he tested positive for the corona virus earlier this month.

Today he got permission anyway.

Despite his late arrival, Teze can still compete against the champion of Cyprus.

Eran Zahavi, who was also refused last minute on Wednesday, has not been given permission to travel and has stayed in Eindhoven.

Europa League 9 hours ago

AZ has so far been experiencing a mediocre season in the Eredivisie, but in Europe it is a lot better.

The Alkmaarders hope to continue last week's win against Napoli (0-1) in the home game against HNK Rijeka tonight.


🇪🇺 New Season, New Journey.

#azrij #UEL #coybir


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