Borås Basket, which became Swedish champions this spring when the season was interrupted due to the corona pandemic, has started the season with two straight losses.

But one who has been good is Simon Gunnarsson.

Now they can do without their star for a long time.

- It's not great right now with my shoulder.

It has been out of line, it happened on the pitch, and afterwards it is stiff and hurts.

I can not touch it very much, he says to SVT Sport.

Now Gunnarsson is waiting for an MRI examination and then he will meet a shoulder specialist.

- After we have looked at the plates from MR, we have to make a decision on how to proceed.

Ideally, you want to avoid surgery, if possible, and in such cases there will be rehab for probably a few weeks.

In the worst case, you have to have surgery and then it will be at least six months.

- Actually, there is no time to be away for six months, but if it gets better for the future, it can be an alternative.

The 25-year-old says that it is hard mentally to injure the same shoulder again.

- It takes a toll on the psyche.

When I have pulled it out of joint three times.

I do not know, it takes one.

You would so much like to be injury free and help the guys on the field, but then you go on this time after time.

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Hampus Åhlin shouts out his joy.

Photo: Bildbyrån.