• Kroos: "Now the best is Bayern, as before we were"

  • Valvede: How To Run Until You Faint

Neither temperature nor PCR take ahead to enter

Angela Merkel's



The flight to




-at least the one early this Monday- breaks with the image of an effective anticovid wall that Spain has of the (almost) always exemplary


. A man from Madrid could have been half constipated yesterday from the door from

Gregorio Marañón

to the central market of


, without anyone stopping him to check his health.

On the plane, I was just waiting for a form

ulary with boxes to fill in that the hostesses collected.

And nothing else. In the stadium hotel -with green carpet imitating the grass, players on the walls and bedspreads with the club's crest- or in the souvenir shop there was no control whatsoever, with the exception of the sports bar, where a token with personal data was required before requesting the

Wiener Schnitzel

with thousands of chips, the famous breaded steak from Central Europe. Real Madrid did enter the

Borussia park

in the afternoon protected by the health bubble that the


in each movement of their clubs through the



Hosted in Dusseldorf, at the last minute the white expedition discovered that today it will play without an audience in the stands, despite the fact that almost 10,000 tickets had been sold.

As the contagion situation worsened in the country, they lowered a symbolic 300 allowed spectators, to finally leave it at zero yesterday.

The virus wins again. The Madrid board of directors does not have more than six invitations to the box and journalists - unless they made the wrong door and appeared in the press room - are required to present a negative PCR made in the last 48 hours to gain access to the stadium, in silence, with no fans waiting for the bus outside the stadium.

Borussia park

, the white team left behind Monchengladbach, another city rebuilt after World War II, as




or so many of this industrial zone of

North rhine


In fact, it was the first of


in being bombed by the English aviation, in 1940. The house where one of the most sinister and influential Nazi hierarchs in

Adolf hitler

: your propaganda minister,

Joseph Goebbels

, wolf of actresses and agitator of racial hatred and submission to


through the media.

Wolfsburg in memory

Madrid complied with the previous training session, as happy with their result of the classic as they were focused on tonight's appointment.

A new stumble in the European league, after the defeat against him


, it would complicate the autumn a lot for Zidane's team.

In recent years, his team has accumulated important victories in



a firecracker in Wolfsburg that is not forgotten


Then, they also arrived in Germany after having won the classic in Barcelona four days earlier.

That memory of 2016, weighs today in the locker room, where the French coach must decide whether to bet on the Camp Nou block again or put a new shake on the eleven, with the risks that it entails.

In any case, the presence of


From the beginning it seems complicated, with his tender injury. Madrid need its most solid version to fulfill at home of a historical of the


, fifth in the table and somewhat stale glory.

His time was the 70's, capable of fighting the very same

Bayern Munich

national hegemony.

At home and abroad, he won titles with footballers who are German football legends, such as

Berti Vogts


Lothar Matthäus

or the madridista

Günter Netzer



Jupp Heynkes,

in his stage as a striker before going to the bench and winning the Seventh with the white club.Another German figure, although contemporary, is

Toni Kroos

, little given to being dropped by press conferences.

Yesterday, in a very correct Spanish, he insisted that the victory of the classic cannot cloud their responsibility for today ("a final", he titled) before recognizing that at the moment who commands is another shield: "Bayern is the best in the world , as we were.

Now we are working to become it again.

Finally, and in his homeland, he declared his eternal love for the shirt he has worn since 2014. «I had offers from other teams, but I never spoke to them.

My idea is to retire in the

Real Madrid


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