Madrid likes mambo, of course.

His thing is to live life skipping curfew, with one foot on the fine.

The sofa and the blanket, for others.

Him, clandestine parties.

Last night he hit a major hot flash at Borussia's home to tie it 2-0 in injury time, in those unique shakes of this shield, stubborn to push away the tombstone even when it looks worse.

Casemiro, after a header from Ramos, hit the goal with the second goal, similar to that of Benzema a moment before.

With Hazard and Modric on the field, the Whites fixed the result and their trip to the Champions League, also relieved by the mid-afternoon draw between Shakhtar and Inter in Kiev.

[Narration and statistics (2-2)]

Until then, Madrid had received too harsh a punishment, the medicine that he prescribed so many times in the Champions League to rivals without nails, as well planted as they are cuddly in attack.

This is how Zidane's team circulated, dominant with the starting eleven that ended up conquering the Camp Nou and with quite clear ideas.

All except scratching the net, which in the end is what this ball business is all about.

Until the local goal, the whites showed defensive seriousness, hunger in the pressure and variants up, although without too much gunpowder.

A shot from the edge of Kroos was what helped to meet Sommer, the goalkeeper of the Germans.

Asensio broke lines with power, Valverde bit at the opponent's exit and Lucas Vázquez gave more depth than Mendy, who was squeezed next to the lime every time he received.

Borussia held on without too many nerves, beyond some burden from their goalkeeper to get the ball played.

The goal was missing for Madrid, of course, like so many days, but the presentation was still interesting, one of the best so far in the season.

Nothing to do with those attacks against Cádiz and Shakhtar.

One arrival, one goal

Ramos encouraged his teammates as the Champions League anthem had just sounded, with an echo among the sad stands of the Mönchengladbach field.

After 1-0 he repeated the cry, but now in frustration.

The thud put pressure on the Whites, who did not need to be reminded of the lethal danger of starting the tournament with two consecutive defeats.

Quite a

déjà vu

, because a year ago they looked the same as the rest at the Bernabéu of the match against Bruges (0-2), after falling on the first day against PSG.

An arrival and a goal, the German team did not need any more, sharp and effective in the action that made the king of the Champions tremble.

Kroos gave the ball in the midfield, with his team leaving, and from there the dominoes fell to the finish of Thuram, the son of that powerful side from France and Zidane's Juventus.

He got the ball with talent Plea, between Ramos and Varane.

Courtois did not believe the whip to his opposite stick.

At the moment, Asensio returned to try Sommer's mittens, who was saved by fortune in the form of a crossbar as they returned from the dressing room, on another occasion from the Mallorcan.

A minute later, Vinicius screwed up the shot badly, a good foray from Valverde to the bottom line.

Grabbing Hazard

Madrid pressed the pedal thoroughly, at the risk of any counter.

But there was no other choice for the only shield that was never eliminated in the group stage of the Champions League.

That never-tested poison was made glass at 59 minutes, with Borussia 2-0.

Second arrival of the match and another punch to the white liver, again Thuram.

Now the ZZ team has completely lost its composure, exposed to the defeat, with Ramos at the front and grabbing onto Hazard, required to invent a comeback just out of the infirmary.

Without order but with pride, Madrid pushed their rival desperately, the tactic of anguish.

It was not the UEFA 85 nor was Chamartín roaring.

Valdano was there, but in a jacket and with a microphone in the stands.

I do not care.

Madrid, like crazy, saved the neck in Europe.

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