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He was struck off the club.

Sunday, a player from the Vallées Football Club, in the Côtes d'Armor, was guilty of racist remarks against a player from the neighboring club of Yvignac-la-Tour, who hosted them as part of the district championship.

According to

Le Télégramme

, the match was stopped in the 60th minute after a supporter of the Accord des Vallées (which brings together the municipalities of Jugon-les-Lacs, Dolo and Plénée-Jugon) uttered insults.

It was the coach of the Yvignac club who made the decision to bring his team back to the locker room when the insults were on and off the pitch.

The referee did not hear what the supporter said, but "all the actors reported it to him".

He notified this in his report drawn up after the match.

The player targeted by the racist comments complained to the gendarmerie.

As for the author of the insults, he was banned from the Club des Vallées.


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