Javier Tebas

came to Valencia to explain how LaLiga is managed, but in addition to the industry he launched into talking about football, coming out in defense of

Peter Lim

at a time when Valencianism is crying out against the largest shareholder.

The LaLiga president came out in defense of the Singaporean businessman, blamed part of the current sports situation on

Marcelino García Toral

for having struck him and even spoke of xenophobia towards foreign owners.

For Thebes, Lim's management "has had successes and some errors."

"It is difficult to assess without having all the data, but when Peter Lim bought Valencia there were 25,000 people thanking him. A person came to avoid the disappearance, the bankruptcy or the ruin of a club. Without being from the community or from the province took the step.

I cannot speak ill of Peter Lim

", he assured in a conference before the students of the title of Specialist in Sports Direction and Management of the CEU Cardenal Herrera University.

"He has had successes, as with

Mateu Alemany

and Marcelino, and also some errors. But, of course, Marcelino ..., the impudence with which he said certain things ... When you are in such an essential position, you cannot throw those challenges. You cannot challenge someone who has made an investment like this. If they hadn't done it, we wouldn't be like this anyway, "the president concluded.

As for the recent market, with important sales and no arrival, Tebas defended that they have done the same as other big clubs.

"Without the crisis, Covid would not have sold some players. The numbers forced him to sell. Real Madrid, Barça and Atlético have sold players and they have not strengthened either. They have the same line as the greats.

What can have sports consequences?


We're going to wait.

I remember a year for


that started badly and then won the League ", the president of LaLiga mistakenly recalled, attributing to the Italian one of the championships that

Rafa Benítez



Tip: close managers

The best moment of the Asian tycoon in Valencia was born when he heeded the advice of Thebes to sign Mateu Alemany as general manager of Valencia.

Now, the president hinted that some suggestion could have been made.

"It is not the first time that Peter Lim has disaffected. Mateu [Alemany] arrived at a similar moment. He is not going to throw stones against his roof. He will try to reduce to disaffection, I cannot say more. One of the ways is that Valencia goal goals without stopping ".

It was then that Thebes admitted that he sees "a little xenophobia".

"I remember how the press called

Agapito Iglesias

when he presided over the Zaragoza businessman from Soria; also



, when he was born in the United States ...".

"To foreign owners I recommend that you have to take care of the feeling of belonging. You do not have to submit to the pressure of the environment, but you do understand the sense of belonging. You have to have close managers, special communication ...", he summarized.

"That Messi stays", but it is not essential

Tebas, who highlighted throughout the conference the exponential growth of LaLiga and its international expansion, does not believe that a possible



could affect the economic impact of the competition.

"The League would like him to stay, as if Jurgen Klopp, Guardiola, Neymar or

Cristiano Ronaldo were here

. But he went to Serie A and that does not mean that the sale of his rights is better. In fact it will not be good. I don't deny that it would have been a problem, but the next four seasons are sold for a slightly higher amount than we have now. Also, even in the crisis period with Messi, we closed a deal with ESPN Latin and they didn't even mention the possibility to wait. At a global level it is not a matter of life and death, "he said.

The president of LaLiga estimated the economic impact of the new law that regulates

sports betting

in Spain

at 90 million

, and was in favor of "regulating" instead of prohibiting the presence of these houses in sport.

"Radically banning everything makes it incoherent. We are trying to have a two or three year transition period," he reported.

Spain is, according to him, the country that "treats the soccer player the worst", and he gave Italy as an example, where a player like Cristiano Ronaldo pays 25%


for what he earns in the transalpine country and 200,000 euros of what he receives from the rest of the world.

"That makes us less competitive. Soccer is an industry that moves 180,000 jobs and we have to take care of it," he said.

PSG and City, unfair competition

On the other hand, the head of LaLiga was not concerned about the possible loss of value of the Spanish competition.

"I have heard it so many times. A few years ago there was talk of a change of cycle and many titles came from Barça and Madrid. We cannot always win the Champions League. We were used to the best caviar and when they give us one that is not Iranian and is Russian It seems to us that it is not good. To say that the value of Italy has to be lost, 8 years have to pass without having barely reached a final. We are a very catastrophic country. I remember reading that Rafa Nadal was finished 10 ago years, "he compared.

He again accused



Manchester City

of "doing a lot of damage to the European market because they inflate it", he announced that some clubs in the 'Premier' are going to have problems because they have 500 million euros less to distribute and he trusts that the conflict with the RFEF for the games on Friday and Monday is resolved.

"I think we are right and for the industry it is important to play those days because it is when more people are at home. Hopefully it will be the final one. This year the operators, with this Covid crisis, have tightened a lot with this Monday and on Fridays ", he revealed.

Finally, the presence of fans in stadiums was not considered a priority in the current context due to the health crisis.

Without fans in the stadium, we lose an essential part of the show.

Of course we want to return, but as the country is, it is not among the most essential things either, "he said.

The important thing is to conclude the season because it is much more difficult than the previous one because in 2021 he believes that the

European Championship

will not be suspended

, and they do not have much margin in the calendar.

"Our great concern is to take care of ourselves so much that we can finish the competition. It does not seem the most appropriate moment for LaLiga to carry the flag that it wants spectators in the stadiums after the state of alarm has been declared," he justified.

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