• Tribute.Emmanuel Macron says goodbye to Professor Samuel Paty at the Sorbonne: "We will not renounce cartoons"

  • Controversy: France calls Erdogan's statement "unacceptable" recommending Macron "therapy" for his treatment of Muslims


is experiencing moments of great tension.

Beyond the crisis due to the


, the French country is immersed in a social battle after the murder of Professor

Samuel Paty

, beheaded after having taught his class some

cartoons of Muhammad

, in the middle of an explanation about freedom of expression.

Emmanuel Macron

, President of the Republic, led the state tribute to Paty in the courtyard of honor

of the Sorbonne University

and was against any ideological revenge.

"Killed because

Islamists want our future

and know that with quiet heroes like him, they will never achieve it." A quiet hero "who" loved books "which speaks of his" passion for knowledge "and his" taste for freedom ", and that he followed the path of his parents, both teachers." Firmness coupled with tenderness, "said Macron in his elegy for Samuel Paty," which has become the image of the Republic. "

We will continue "

the fight for freedom


"We will continue, professor. We will defend the freedom that you taught so well and secularism. We will not renounce cartoons, drawings, even if others recourse", promised Macron in memory of the victim "of a disastrous conspiracy, of the amalgamation, and of the hatred of the other ".

These statements by Macron have upset a large part of the Muslim leaders of other states, mainly Turkish President


, who has advised

Macron "

mental therapy

", and Muslim representatives of other sectors, such as sports.



, the biggest attack has been carried out by

Sheikh Abdullah Al Thani

, still president of


while the investigation into his alleged criminal attitudes in front of the Andalusian club is being resolved.

"If there is no official apology to all Muslim countries for hate speech and racism speech, we will recommend the offensive actions of the Messenger of God, so

bear the consequences,

" he wrote on Twitter

The sheikh later added: "There are other western countries that should be boycotted.

We will not forget bad movies or cartoons


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