Lee Dong-guk, a'living legend' of the Korean soccer K League, has declared retirement.

It is decided to finish 23 years of active service in the final league match this Sunday.

This is reporter Lee Jeong-chan.

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day after Jeonbuk defeated Ulsan and retaken the lead, captain Dong-guk announced his retirement through SNS ahead of the final league game.

[Lee Dong-guk/Jeonbuk Hyundai captain: I decided to leave the ground after this season when regret and gratitude were together.]

Lee Dong-guk, who debuted in Pohang in 1998 and won the rookie king, passed through Seongnam and Jeollabuk-do for the past 23 years, truly a legend. Walked the way.

Despite his injuries and failure to adapt to the European stage, he also left many big records in the K-League.

In 2009, after having won the championship for the first time in 11 years, winning the league championship and winning the top scorer and MVP, we have won the league six times and the MVP three more times, setting the highest record in this category.

The highest number of players in the field, 547 appearances and the most scoring of 228 goals, is an unbreakable record for the time being.

Lee Dong-guk decided to end his active career when he was 41 years old, scoring 4 goals in the first half of this season, and was suffering from goal silence after an injury during the season.

The final match between Daegu and the league was retired this Sunday.

Lee Dong-guk, who won the championship for four years in a row just by drawing in this game, promised a'beautiful finish'.

[Lee Dong-guk/Jeonbuk Hyundai captain: I think that the upcoming home game is the last game, so I am already heartbroken. I will do my best so that my last appearance will never be in vain.]

(Video editing: Eunjin Choi)